Tecno Phantom Ultimate unveiled as a concept rollable phone

TECNO PHANTOM Ultimate Rolling Concept Phone
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Tecno Mobile recently released a video on their YouTube channel showcasing a rollable smartphone concept. Adding to its Phantom line of phones, the Tecno Phantom Ultimate expands from 6.5-inch to 7.1-inch in a matter of seconds. But before getting your hopes high and everything, let me clarify that this is just a concept phone for now.

Tecno Phantom Ultimate Overview:

As seen from the video, the Phantom Ultimate has a ridged texture at the back. Similar to something we’ve seen a lot of budget phones from Realme and even something like the infamous RED Hydrogen One. The phone also has three camera bumps, although it appears to have four camera lenses. The central bump has an interesting ring-like enclosure within it, which could be the LED flash.


As expected, Tecno has put a big emphasis on the screen of Phantom Ultimate. The excess part of the screen that tucks back in also acts as a secondary screen, and it can display things like date, time, and battery level. There’s a dedicated button to expand the screen, while that’s possible with a three-finger-swipe gesture too. In terms of technical aspects, the screen measures 6.55” when rested. Or 7.11” in about 1.3 seconds when rolled out.

Tecno Phantom Ultimate is said to pack a new “high torque” powertrain and a “single-drive motor system” to achieve the roll speed of the screen. Additionally, the screen itself is said to be a “Dynamic LTPO” display with a resolution of 2296 × 1596 pixels. The screen is said to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and can achieve a peak brightness of 1,100 nits.

TECNO PHANTOM Ultimate with rollable screen

What are “concept phones” actually?

Concept phones are a working prototype of phones with some sort of technology that’s not ready for the masses yet. And it can be seen more as a proof of concept instead. Companies have made all sorts of concept phones from cameras with electrochromic glass, detachable parts, transparent phones, and so on.

Samsung Transparent Concept phone

These phones are produced to test the feasibility of the cutting-edge technology of the companies, rather than generating revenue from it. Such unorthodox technology may turn out to be the norm in the near future. For example: foldable phones were limited to being concept phones not too long ago, but they are now commercially available.

Concept of rollable phones

A rollable phone sounds very futuristic and bleeding age — even today — but this is not the first time we have heard of a rollable phone. Oppo showcased a similar rollable phone a few years back in the form of Oppo X 2021. Whereas even Apple and Samsung have been rumoured to be fiddling with the idea of rollables.

Tecno Phantom Ultimate Availability

As aforementioned — before getting your hopes high — I should remind you that the Phantom Ultimate is a “concept phone”. Thus, it’s unclear if Tecno ever plans to commercially produce it. Even Tecno themselves say the phone is “set to unroll the future” in their official unveiling video.

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