Google announces ‘Ask Photos’ to search on your Google Photos

Google Ask Photos
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Just a couple of weeks ago, I found myself endlessly scrolling through my Google Photos for a solid hour. The reason? Well… I was searching for that one particular photo whose details had slipped under my mind. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t find it, but for that brief period, it felt like a crucial quest. However, it seems I won’t always have to rely solely on my memory. Google has just announced ‘Ask Photo,’ a new feature embedded within Google Photos itself, allowing users to interact with their photos in conversation-like exchanges. In this article, we will dive further into the latest Ask Photos by google, unveiled at the recent Google I/O event.

Ask Photos Overview

The Ask Photos is basically a unique feature that will help you recall al the memories without scrolling endlessly. So if you were thinking, ‘How do I even get what I want?”… Well its fairly simple, just ask the Ask Photos what you are looking for, and taa -daa there you have it, your favorite picture from 2018, on top of your screen, without ever having to waste any time. 

Ask Photos features

How does it even work?

Well, this is no new AI engine at all, but rather Google has just embedded the good old’ Gemini, that can extract pieces of information out of images and show up on your screen. This feature can be attributed solely to Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, we can understand and understand both text and images at the same time. Plus a quick tip to add, the more context you feed, the better results you will get. 

What else?

As showcased by Google, through Ask Photos you can also uncover information like when was the last time you made a doctor’s visit or when you had your last bike servicing. Not only that, it can also generate captions for social media. 

Moreover, the company has also said it will not monitor your conversations or access your personal data “except in rare cases to address abuse or harm”.

Ask Photos: Conclusion

Ask Photos can become an incredible asset for someone like me,  who spends much of his time scrolling past memories. Although there is no information regarding its public availability, stay tuned as we will unravel the future developments regarding all of the Google’s products in the upcoming weeks.

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