Black Shark will soon launch a smart ring boasting 180 days of battery life

Black Shark Ring
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Xiaomi’s gaming venture, the Black Shark, has teased its latest endeavor: A smart ring that will last you 6 months. Teasers posted on its official Weibo account give a glimpse into the upcoming smart wearable. Let’s dive into this article, exploring the upcoming Black Shark Ring, rumors, specifications, features, and more.

Black Shark Ring: Rumors Roundup

Battery Life and Design

The design of the Black Shark Ring emphasizes its slim profile, measuring just 2.2mm thick. Available in Silver, Black & Red variants, the ring features a subtle black line running through its center.

Black Shark Ring Design

Black Shark’s upcoming wearable is touted to offer an impressive 180 days of usage, facilitated by its accompanying charging case. While specifics about single-charge endurance remain undisclosed, nonetheless, this claim sounds too good to be true.

Health Monitoring and Functionality

Black Shark Ring also promises comprehensive health monitoring capabilities. From tracking heart rate and blood oxygen levels to monitoring body temperature, the device aims to position itself as a proper med-grade tech.

Black Shark Ring features

The Chinese company has also claimed that the Smart ring will feature “Smart Touch” functionality, although specific details about this feature are yet to be disclosed. Moreover, with this sudden foray by a gaming venture, or one might call it “diversifications”. The smart ring’s prolonged battery life and comprehensive health tracking pose a significant threat to established competitors such as Amazfit, and Samsung, as notable products like the Galaxy Ring and Helio Ring

Black Shark Ring Launch and Availability

While pricing and availability details are still under wraps, Black Shark continues to tease additional features of the upcoming wearable. Stay tuned for further updates as the company unveils more information about its latest innovation.

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