Boult Accessories enters Nepalese market

Boult Accessories in Nepal
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Honor X9b Ad

The present scene of the Nepalese market is filled with a bunch of new accessories brands sprouting here and there. And a known Indian brand Boult is entering the pack with earbuds, neckbands, smartwatches, and such. In this article, we’ll walk through the news and information regarding Boult Accessories in Nepal.

Boult Accessories in Nepal:

About Boult

Before heading forward, let’s have a brief information about the company itself. Boult is a young brand formed in June 2017 on the e-commerce platform: Myntra. It is a homegrown brand in India primarily focusing on audio and wearable products including headphones, smartwatches, and speakers. As per the IDC report 2023, Boult was crowned as India’s fastest-growing wearable brand.

Boult in Nepal

Boult is entering the Himalayan nation through Jagadamba Mobiles Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Shanker Group. Varun Gupta, Co-founder of Boult said, “We are thrilled to announce our expansion in Nepal with Jagdamba Mobiles Pvt Ltd.”

He further added, “This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge wearable technology to the vibrant market of Nepal. Jagadamba Mobiles’ extensive reach and dedication align perfectly with our vision of making state-of-the-art tech more accessible to everyone.”


Boult is planning to bring a bunch of products ranging from smartwatches to TWS earbuds. During the first phase, we’ll get to see Ripple, Crown R Pro, Drift 2, Crown, and Dive X smartwatches in Nepal. Likewise for wireless earbuds, Maverick, X10 Pro, K45, K35, K60, K70, and X45 are launching soon.

Boult Maverick
Boult Maverick TWS

There are no official words about the Bluetooth speakers for now. But it’ll also likely arrive in the coming days.

Can Boult thrive in Nepal?

Nepal is already filled with dozens of accessory brands. There are renowned smartphone brands Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo,  Honor, and so on. Then there are brands like Boat, Noise, Ultima, and Anker dedicated to making just accessories. We also have local brands like Ultima, Gravity, Alewa, X-Age, and Accurate competing with other international brands although in the budget segment.

So, creating a definitive space in the pack will be a challenge for Boult. But with effective pricing and marketing, we cannot rule out Boult penetrating the already crowded market.

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