DJI RS 4, RS 4 Pro gimbals go official with up to 29 hours of battery life

DJI RS 4 Pro Price in Nepal
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DJI, the pioneer company in drones and camera gears, has launched two new flagship gimbals. Named the DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro, these gimbals come with Focus Pro LiDAr and Focus Pro Motor. In this article, we’ll walk through the specs, features, and expected price of the DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro gimbals in Nepal.

DJI RS 4 / RS 4 Pro Overview:


The vanilla DJI RS 4 stabilizer boasts minor improvements over its predecessor, the RS 3. It can hold up to 3kg of payload which goes fine for most mirrorless cameras and accessories. What’s new this time is the extension of the tilt axis by 8.5mm, providing better-balancing space. So, adding some front-heavy add-ons and longer lenses should be fine with this guy.

Talking of the stabilization, it uses DJI’s latest 4th gen stabilization algorithm for added smoothness. DJI has also improved stability for vertical shooting with the redesigned gimbal horizontal plates. This allows for seamless transitions to vertical shooting for Instagram content, for instance. On top of that, the new Focus Pro Motor provides a 30% improved focus and lens zoom adjustments as compared to the original Focus Motor.

DJI RS 4 Gimbal

Just like the RS3, you get automatic gimbal locking and unlocking here with Teflon coatings on all three axes. Whereas, there is a new joystick mode here, that can change from zoom to gimbal control and a customizable trigger button for the FPV mode.

In terms of accessories support, the DJI RS 4 can support RS Tethered COntro Handle alongside third-party options, via the RSA communication port. Plus, you also get the support for a BG70 high-capacity grip that can provide the juice for up to 29.5 hours, with a 2.5-hour charging time. The one that comes bundled with this guy is a BG21 battery grip with a 12-hour runtime.

Last but not least, there is DJI’s Ronin Image Transmitter which can deliver HD feeds to other crew members, allowing remote-control capability too.

DJI RS 4 Pro

Now comes the RS 4 Pro. The payload capacity is the same as before, which is up to 4.5kg. You get a 20% motor torque boost on all axes, for more responsiveness while working with heavy cameras and accessories.

One of the headlining features here is the DJI Focus Pro system. One can do autofocus with even manual focus lenses with the Focus Pro LiDAR, Focus Pro Grip Focus Pro Motor, and FIZ Hand Unit. Or a real-time view from the LiDAR’s perspective as well.


Moreover, there is a new Car Mount mode for those stabilized filmy actions on shaky vehicles. The RS 4 Pro also includes dual focus and zoom motors, supporting simultaneous controls for focus (via the front dial) and zoom (through the joystick).

Besides that, you get the same 4th gen stabilization algorithm, axis lock, and auto-lock OLED touchscreen as the vanilla RS 4 gimbal. Meanwhile, there is a 20% increment in motor torque for improved responsiveness while using heavy setups.

Fueling this stabilizer is an RS BG30 battery grip with 12 hours of battery life. Well, this can be extended up to 29 hours from the BG70 high-capacity battery grip, which is sold separately.

DJI RS 4 / RS 4 Pro Price in Nepal and Availability:

The DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro are priced at USD 549 and USD 869 for the standard package. The combo package is priced at USD 719 and USD 1,099 for the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro respectively. You get Focus Pro Motor, Focus Pro Motor Rod Mount Kit, and Focus Gear Strip. We expect the DJI RS4 and DJI RS4 Pro price in Nepal to begin from NPR 87,999 and 138,999 when it launch here shortly.

Gimbal Price (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
DJI RS 4 USD 549 87,999
DJI RS 4 Pro USD 869 138,999
Gimbal Price (Official) Price in Nepal (Expected)
DJI RS 4 Combo USD 719 NPR 114,999
DJI RS 4 Pro Combo USD 869 NPR 175,999