Chitooo: An app that gets you deals with Facebook status update

Chitooo app
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As of late, you have probably came across a lot of apps created by Nepali app developers. Ranging from games to utilities, these apps help us in many ways possible. Whilst some of the apps provide little to no functionalities, others really stand out from the rest. And the app I am reviewing today falls under the latter category.

A couple of days ago I came across a post regarding a new app called ‘Chitooo’. With my blogger senses tingling, I read what the app was about, and I have to say that I was impressed in an instant. The concept of the app is something I have never heard of. It works with a simple formula: users update their Facebook status via the app and gain several points. These points can later be redeemed for getting discounts or grabbing deals.

How to garner points in the app?

Like I mentioned before, users can collect points by sharing a status, picture or post a check-in from the app itself. Before doing so, they will have to log into Chitooo from their Facebook account. One thing users have to keep in mind is that the app’s name surfaces on the status on Facebook.

You can score 10 points if you update a status, 5 points if your tag your friends in that status and 10 points if you can complement the status with a picture. Similarly, there is an addition of a whopping 40 points if you check-in at Chitooo’s partner stores.

How to redeem the points?

In the app, there is a tab named ‘Buy Deals’. Here you can go through the deals and discounts Chitooo’s partner stores, restaurants or hotels offer. With the points previously collected, users can buy coupons which can later be cashed in at the stores itself. It is as easy as that.

What is Chitooo? What is it trying to achieve?

Why not let an official from Chitooo answer this question? A couple of days back I got a chance to talk to him and this is what he said, “The startup was founded with the vision of making online marketing available for SMEs of all shapes and sizes in Nepal. Chitooo provides a simple platform, connecting the right user to the right stores or restaurants.”

“This startup aims to establish a favorable ecosystem for SMEs, lower the cost of acquiring new customers, and retain these customers”, he added.


Chitooo is an app with an entirely new concept. The app performs well even though it is still in BETA. However, I had to face an issue where the app asked me to enable my GPS when it was already enabled. Also, there are a couple of bugs here and there.

What bothers me about this app is whether people will go through the fuss of opening it just to post something on their Facebook. Also, how will the app developers earn through this app?

As I mentioned before, Chitooo is still in BETA and the developers are still in a process of increasing their partner stores. Nonetheless, it is a go-to app if you want to get some discounts or deals easily.