Nothing introduces CMF sub-brand for affordable products with same design philosophy

CMF by Nothing Sub-brand
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Towards the end of last year, there were reports that Nothing, a relatively new brand, is already in plans to announce a new sub-brand. It is now official — Car Pei has confirmed that there will be two new products under the CMF by Nothing branding.

CMF By Nothing Overview:

Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei made an exciting announcement in the  “Community Update” video. The company is now launching a new sub-brand called CMF by Nothing. This sub-brand, as explained by Pei, will offer more budget-friendly options compared to the main Nothing brand. That said, the focus of CMF by Nothing will still be on delivering products with classic and timeless designs. However, it will play safe with tired and tested technology leaving new innovations to the main brand. Car Pei also claims the brand will still maintain a high level of quality that’s often hard to find in its price range.

Products in the Lineup

CMF by Nothing’s debut will include two initial products planned for release later this year: a smartwatch and a pair of earbuds. Both of these products will be imbued with the same design philosophy shared by both Nothing and CMF by Nothing. The emphasis is on ensuring that CMF products not only look great but also function seamlessly, driven by a dedication to user experience that echoes Nothing’s approach.

Nothing’s Ongoing Commitment

While CMF by Nothing aims to offer more affordable options, Nothing itself remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design innovation. The flagship Nothing products will continue to represent premium offerings with top-notch performance and the latest technology.

Distinct Focus and Separate Team

To make sure of a clear focus on its core products, Nothing has established a separate team within the company to look after CMF by Nothing. This division aims to prevent any distractions from the primary product lineup.

Upcoming Details and Teasers

More information about the upcoming smartwatch and earbuds from CMF by Nothing is expected to be revealed in the coming months. We are expecting plenty of teasers and sneak peeks to build excitement for these new additions to the market.


Don’t you think Nothing’s announcement of the CMF by Nothing sub-brand marks an exciting step toward offering affordable products? As the smartwatch and earbuds prepare for their debut, tech enthusiasts and consumers alike can look forward to learning more about what CMF by Nothing has to offer in the near future.