How to make the most out of Daraz’s Mobile Week?

daraz mobile week 2019 nepal
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Daraz is organizing Mobile Week 2019, a Tier-1 festive-like offer targeted mostly towards mobile brands. And this grand online shopping event is happening from 24th June to the 30th. The e-commerce giant promises to bring amazing deals on electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, televisions, accessories, etc. In addition, Daraz will also offer Mega Vouchers and Mystery Boxes during the sales week.

But Daraz has more to offer this Mobile Week. To make this mobile week more lucrative for the customers, Daraz is offering further discounts for those who opt to pay via Debit/Credit cards. Also, Daraz has currently collaborated with six different banks for online payment in the platform. The list includes Sanima Bank, Nabil Bank, Standard Charted Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Siddhartha Bank, and NIC Asia Bank.

What’s so great about that? Well, each bank is offering cash backs at various rates. Which means, apart from the already-given discounts in there, you get additional discounts from them as well! Here’s a list of cash back percentage using the debit/credit cards from various banks and the maximum discounts you can get on your purchases.

Name of the Bank Discount Percentage Maximum Discount Amount
Sanima Bank 10% Rs. 2,500
Nabil Bank 15% Rs. 2,000
Standard Charted Bank 10% Rs. 1,000
Bank of Kathmandu 5% Rs. 1,000
Siddhartha Bank 25% Rs. 5,000
NIC Asia Bank 25% Rs. 5,000

This means that you can get up to Rs. 5,000 off while purchasing products via debit/credit cards. However, you need to activate your card from the bank for such online transactions, according to the banking policies in Nepal. So, if you are planning to make the most out of the Daraz Mobile Week 2019, you also need to hurry up and activate your Debit and Credit cards.

And if you’re wondering about the safety of it all, Daraz claims there is to nothing to worry about in the security front. As this payment platform is PCI compliant, it will take the necessary steps to ensure security. The PCI standard makes use of OTP (One Time Password) for every transaction, so, you need not worry about the misuse of your cards. Also, this standard is currently in use by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and is delegated by the card brands. Therefore, you are covered in all aspects.