Deals: Get up to 37% off on MI Products while making a purchase from Daraz!

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Festivals and shopping. I bet you’ll have a hard time finding a better relationship than that. Each year as the festive season starts hoard of people storm into various stores and try to strike the best deal for the desired products. However, changing times has brought forth a change in our shopping habits too. People today do prefer buying stuff online rather than going to traditional bricks and mortar shops.

Indeed it’s easy to understand why this trend of shopping online is increasing day by day. I mean you don’t even have to get up from that cozy couch of yours and yet place orders easily. That’s life, isn’t it?

But wait a minute, why all of a sudden there’s an article that is somewhat trying to highlight the importance of online shopping. Well, I was just setting the tone out here. This article is much more than just an informatory piece on online shopping. It’s about what online retailers are offering this festive season.

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Earlier in the post, I’d placed a question of sorts about what might be a better relationship than festivals and shopping. Forgive for being that annoying student in the class who asks a question and tries answering it himself. And allow me to suggest an answer. And that would be festivals and shopping at a discounted price. Throw in the comfort of shopping from your home and wollah you have the perfect relationship.

Well, this festive season many online retailers are offering heavy discounts on various products. One of the many offers that have intrigued me is the one from G-store. Basically, G-store Nepal supplies electronic gadgets, especially that of MI officially from Daraz Nepal. And currently, they are offering various degrees of discounts on multiple products. The discounts go as high as 37%. Furthermore, they are offering free shipping on al MI products if the customers make a minimum purchase of at least NRs. 2000. Now that’s some crazy offer, isn’t it? And if you want to make a purchase from G-store while the offer lasts then you can follow the link:

Sticking to the subject of crazy offers, Daraz has once again brought forth one of its crazy flash sales. This time it’s labeled as the 24-hour madness. With the tagline “beat the clock”. What it essentially means is that along with the allocated discount percentage on the products you’ll receive extra perks depending upon what time of the day you’re making your purchase. For instance, the early birds i.e. those who place their order from 12:00 am to 1:00 am will get free delivery on anything that they order. Similarly, for someone who places an order between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm will get NRs. 250 off if they buy three items. And there’s a lot more that you can check out here:

And as the name suggests, this 24-hour madness is valid only for a single day and that for the entirety of the 22nd of October 2019. If I’m not mistaken, there’s only a couple of hours left for it. So, be sure that you check that out for exciting deals.