DJI RS 3 gimbal with axis-lock, OLED screen now available in Nepal

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DJI, a well-known drone manufacturer, recently announced new gimbals for cinematographers under its “RS 3” series. And now, the base DJI RS 3 has made its way to Nepal as well. So, let’s walk through the specs, features, availability, and price of the DJI RS 3, and RS 3 Pro in Nepal.

DJI RS 3, RS 3 Pro Overview:

The RS 3 series gimbals are built on the company’s Ronin 4D camera, which was released last year. Both use a third-generation RS stabilization system that offers a 20% boost in performance, making difficult shots and angles simpler to execute.


The RS 3 is the smaller of the two newly released gimbals and is the successor to the RSC 2 from 2020. It weighs 1.3 kg and can carry up to 3 kg of payload, making it ideal for quick-response shots. 


This is complemented by a newly built axis-locking technology that automatically releases and unfolds the gimbal when the device is turned on. It saves videographers time by eliminating the need to rebalance the arms between takes. It also comes with a Bluetooth shutter button to start recording wirelessly. 

The SuperSmooth mode, on the other hand, adds extra stabilization when filming with up to 100mm of zoom lenses. Compared to its predecessor, the RS 3 also has a bigger 1.8-inch OLED touchscreen; allowing you to make necessary settings without the need to access its compatible app. 

In addition, there’s a physical gimbal mode switch that makes toggling between FPV modes, pan follow, pan, and tilt follow comparatively easier. It is fed by a newly designed battery grip that delivers up to 12 hours of battery life; and is replaceable as necessary.

DJI RS 3 Pro

While sharing all of the features mentioned above including the 1.8-inch display, axis-lock technology, and more, the RS 3 Pro improves on the vanilla RS 3 in a few areas. It’s designed for individuals who have a bigger camera rig since it can accommodate up to 4.5kg of payload while only weighing 1.5kg.

DJI RS 3 Pro

Furthermore, it leverages the Ronin 4D’s LiDAR focusing technology to make working with manual lenses a bit easier. When paired with the improved focus motor, it is capable of enabling auto-focus on manual lenses. Similarly, DJI’s proprietary solutions, like as ActiveTrack Pro, keep the shots stable and in focus in more difficult settings by improving subject detection and tracking.

Key Specifications:

RS 3 RS 3 Pro
Weight 1.3 kg  1.5 kg
Payload 3 kg 4.5 kg
Tilt Axis -112 ° to +214 °
Roll Axis -96 ° to +240 °
Pan Axis 360 °
Ports RSA/NATO, 1/4″-20 Mounting Hole, Cold Shoe, USB-C, mini HDMI
Latency 60ms
Transmission Up to 200m
Battery Life 12 hours

DJI RS 3 and RS 3 Pro Price in Nepal

The price of the DJI RS 3 gimbal in Nepal is Rs. 105,000 for the base configuration without the Combo package. As of now, the RS 3 Pro isn’t available in Nepal yet. You can buy DJI RS 3 gimbal in Nepal at the aforementioned price from Hukut Store.

Gimbal Price in Nepal Availability
DJI RS 3 Rs. 105,000 Hukut Store
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