DogeRAT malware found stealing banking information from Indian Android users

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Security researchers at CloudSEK have discovered a new Android malware that mostly targets Indian users in the banking and entertainment segment. Dubbed, DogeRAT, the new open-source Android malware takes the cover of legitimate apps to infect new users. This article covers DogeRAT’s effects, capabilities, and spread tactics, as well as preventative steps to protect Android devices against this and similar threats.

DogeRAT Who?

Not who but what. DogeRAT is a powerful malware; an open-source Android Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It is catfishing users to enter devices via fake websites and app stores. It not only takes personal and financial information, but it also gives remote access to the targeted device, allowing for a variety of harmful operations.

DogeRAT Permission Requests

Potential Damages and Distribution Ease

DogeRAT gets into Android devices by acting as legitimate applications such as YouTube Premium and Netflix. It spreads via social media platforms and messaging applications, reaching a large number of people and increasing the risk of infection. DogeRAT can retrieve sensitive information, modify files, spread spam, make payments, and even capture images with both front and back cameras once installed.

DogeRAT Malware Features

DogeRAT has exposed the existence of additional similar harmful malware. These malwares, known as Remote Access Trojans (RATs), have been upgraded and reused to simply and cheaply carry out scams. DogeRAT can result in more than just monetary losses. It can also damage personal information, harm a person’s credibility, and have other major effects on those affected. The premium edition of DogeRAT, which can be purchased for a relatively low price, has much more dangerous features, making it an even greater risk.

Disguised App SHA1 Hash
Opera Mini – fast web browser d93eb09c7ff82b863cf46220c7e85d30d152d705
Android VulnScan eb88cac2fce77d85b287f702b26dc8e4db53ee57
YOUTUBE PREMIUM cee05d1c702a7fd8616341a44b555ea677e08438
Netflix Premium 0b5581de43ee6bc51c8bec1ec97265ccd8109658
ChatGPT 05fcd1837791c60e8bdeaf36294d32ea88e196c9
Lite 1 [facebook] c8bfcd665d689ed94fa7ca0740ab5f13b9a624fb

Preventive Measures from DogeRAT

Users should take the following precautions to protect their Android devices from DogeRAT and other similar threats:

  1. Avoid opening attachments from outside sources or clicking on unusual URLs.
  2. Keep the device’s software up to date by installing Android updates on a regular basis.
  3. Use dependable security solutions created specifically to identify and deal with malware attacks.
  4. Only download apps from trustworthy sources, websites, or public forums, and rely on certified app stores.

Conclusively, there is massive growth and distribution of RAT via social media sites and messaging applications. It highlights the need for increased caution and strong security measures. Users may protect their Android devices against DogeRAT and limit the risks associated with this sophisticated malware and comparable attacks by remaining aware, keeping software updated, and taking preventive measures.

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