How to Download YouTube Video Offline?

Youtube Video Downloader
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Digital content has come. As almost every person in the world connected to the internet is consuming digital media from one platform or another, the number of people watching YouTube is also rising significantly. You may not have time to review the internet twenty-four hours a day but still need to watch videos on YouTube. Is it possible to watch videos offline? Is there a guide for YouTube video downloaders for you to download YouTube videos?

Download YouTube Video Offline: Overview

When YouTube was first launched, soon different websites and software appeared to download videos. These YouTube video downloaders have been here for a very long time. In this article, we’ll talk about how to download videos offline, not just YouTube Premium, but also some other platforms.

Using YouTube Premium

Youtube Premium Video Download

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service. Viewers can watch videos on YouTube without any ads, exclusive content, and offline playback. Also, users can download videos from YouTube directly for offline viewing whenever they want. For $13.99 per month, you have YouTube’s own YouTube Downloader HD. Here’s how to use it:

  • Login to your YouTube Premium account on a computer browser or in the YouTube app on a smartphone.
  • Once logged in, play the video that you’d like to save for watching later on without the internet. Look for the Download button. It’s located right next to the Share button. Click on it.
  • The video will now begin to download. Once downloaded, you can find it in the Download section.
  • Note that your device needs to be connected to the internet at least 1 time over 30 days. This is for YouTube to ensure that you’re still subscribed to YouTube Premium.

Pros of YouTube Premium

  • Ad-free to watch videos without a single interruption.
  • You’re able to download videos on your phone.
  • You get to enjoy exclusive content like movies, videos, and YouTube Originals after joining the premium subscription.

Cons of YouTube Premium

There are, however, some reasons which may stop you from purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription. We have tried our best to summarise them here:

  • The subscription fee might be too costly for some users.
  • YouTube Premium is not yet available in all the countries.
  • When you download videos, it takes up space. If you have limited storage capacity, this could be concerning.
  • Despite claiming offline playback as a key feature, there are still some videos that users can not download either due to creator preferences or copyright restrictions.

Use iTubeGo Downloader to Download YouTube Video for Free

Many people don’t want to spend the fee every month. If you only want to download YouTube videos, using a free YouTube video downloader will be much better. iTubeGo steps is a YouTube downloader HD that works not just for YouTube, but for more than 10,000 websites all over the internet.


Here’s how you can use iTubeGo to download videos and watch them offline:

  • Step 1: Open iTubeGo’s website and download the software. It’s available to download for Windows PC and MacOS.
  • Step 2: Open YouTube and find the video you want to download. Then, copy the video URL from the address bar.
  • Step 3: Choose the format of your download.
  • Step 4: Past the URL and it will download automatically.

Pros and Cons of Using iTubeGo

There are some benefits and disadvantages to using any software or service. The same can be applied to iTubeGo. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of this YouTube downloader HD:

  • The free version allows you to download videos from YouTube.
  • If you purchase, there are different options. You may choose between a monthly subscription or lifetime access.
  • You can download audio and video from more than 10000 websites using iTubeGo’s premium version. The downloads are super fast.
  • It has an easy interface. Users can download videos without too many clicks.
  • There is an in-built browser and a video converting tool incorporated into iTubeGo. You can convert your videos to any format.
  • Windows and MacOS are supported.

There are a few downsides to using iTubeGo as well:

  • You need to download the software.

Using Online YouTube Downloader

Here we have Downloading videos using this tool is very easy. Open YouTube and copy the URL of the video you’re trying to download. Then go to Paste the URL and hit Download. After analyzing the link, SSYouTube will give you a bunch of options. Click on the Download button in front of the preferred option.


Using YouTube Video Downloader Chrome Extension

For Chrome users, we have another solution. Chrome allows users to add extensions to their browsers. This helps them get access to many tools swiftly. You can use any software that offers an extension in Chrome to download videos quite easily. It allows ease of access and saves time. One of the more reliable YouTube video downloaders in Chrome is the Video DownloadHelper extension.

Video Download Helper Chrome Extension

Let’s see how we can use it to download videos from YouTube in just a few clicks:

  • Open Google Chrome’s web store and search for the Video DownloadHelper extension. Alternatively, click here to directly go to the extension page in the web store.
  • Click on Add to Chrome to add this extension to your browser.
  • Now, open YouTube and go to the video you had decided to watch offline later on. Then, click on the Video DownloadHelper extension icon in the top right corner. You’ll be presented with a few options:
  • The options show you various formats and resolutions to choose from. Decide the best for you and click on it to download your video.

Youtube Video Download: Conclusion

One should be able to watch any video whenever they want regardless of the internet connectivity. What good is your phone’s compact storage when you can’t even download videos from YouTube? This is why having a YouTube video downloader at your disposal that’s safe and reliable is very necessary. Although YouTube Premium is the option that’s recommended by YouTube for offline playback and ad-free viewing, there are still better options available. You can choose from free YouTube video downloading websites like SSYouTube or Chrome Webstore extensions like Video Download Helper. But among all of these options is the safest and most reliable option, iTubeGo for downloading YouTube videos. If you end up using iTubeGo, your video downloading prowess will expand from YouTube to countless websites, which will make your life easier.