Earthquake Apps for Your Safety

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Earthquake in Nepal has been repeating again and again. The loss has been huge and the impact is at least uncountable till now.

There have been various Application build in order to help this recovery. Now people need to be aware about when and what magnitude has the earthquake been.

We have listed some Earthquake apps:

1. Nepal Earthquake 2015

An app made by the White Rabbit LLC named as Nepal Earthquake 2015 has various features which can also be termed as a complete package for people helping directly and indirectly in the earthquake times.

This app includes various News related to Earthquake, Emergency phone numbers, Phone numbers of various experts, Hospital Contacts, Police contacts, Blood donation lists with phone numbers and various contacts for Food, Clothes, Shelter.

Earthquake Apps 2015

The best you can get from this app is that the user has the ability to update information in the app using a google sheet.

2. Nepal Earthquake Updates

The app Nepal Earthquake Updates developed by by the  Department of Mines and Geology is about Earthquake information of Nepal. The app features detail information about Earthquake with Richter Scale, Location, Time and Previous records of the Earthquake in Nepal.

The department claims to update the application with any earthquake information above 4 in Richter Scale soon after it takes place.

Earthquake Apps 2015

3. Nepal Quake

The App Nepal Quake Developed by Amit K Joshi is a app with real time update of information. The app contains well compressed  data and many information. It includes contact numbers of emergency services to useful links Regarding Earthquake.

Earthquake App 2015

You can also visit their website for the same information. Click Here