eSewa App Review: An Ultimate Online Payment Gateway in Nepal?

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With the progression in technology, we can see lots of innovations designed and developed to facilitate the humans. Smartphones are one of such great inventions. Smartphones, the already prolific innovation is nowadays linked with the ingenious software approach to making its use even more versatile. And the concept of mobile wallets/digital wallets/E-wallets is one of them. And in the matter of digital wallets, eSewa is the most heard and most used digital wallet in Nepal, which has been uprising to develop itself as an ultimate online payment gateway in Nepal.

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eSewa had been conceived by eSewa FonePay Private Limited in 2009 AD. Since then the company has been striving to lure people into a fast, safe, hassle-free and cashless transaction. And with the popularity and the services it has offered, it has now managed to garner hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, with the mobile money license provided by the Nepal Rastra Bank, it has been able to expand its horizon and has also managed to create an upsurge in users’ trust.

In this article, we will be reviewing eSewa, the most used and trusted digital wallet in Nepal along with the services it has offered to develop itself as an ultimate online payment gateway in Nepal.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface of e-Sewa is clean and easy. Users are offered an easy switching between SMS Mode and GPRS Mode. SMS Mode can be used to make transactions, where there is no prominent internet connections. And all the services offered are stacked on the whole screen in each mode so that users can find the services they seek at ease.

Responsiveness and Load Time

The app loads swiftly and each button on the app responds quickly as they are tapped. However, while performing some transactions, the app requires a strong internet connection to check scope and availability of the transaction and seems to be sluggish.


eSewa is offering a wide range of applications and seems to be expanding even more. They have a mobile app to offer convenience in transactions. However, transaction via an app is not mandatory. Users can also use the services via SMS. Furthermore, eSewa not only offers free services (except for khanepani bill payment) but also offer cash back on the transactions. And the rewards on every transaction has doubly lured the users to use eSewa.

Services Offered by eSewa

    1. Fund Transfer: With this service, the users will be able to send e-sewa money to other e-Sewa users
    2. School Fee Payment: e-Sewa has partnered with some schools and Montessori. These schools and Montessori accept payment via e-Sewa.
    3. Buying Cinema Tickets Online: Major Multiplexes like QFX Cinemas (Kathmandu Valley’s, Cinemax Pokhara, Jalma Bharatpur), Q’s Cinema, BigMovies, BSR Movies, View Cinemas Butwal and F-Cube Cinemas accepts online ticket booking via e-Sewa.
    4. Buying Plane Tickets Online: e-Sewa has partnered with some airlines companies like Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Shree Air and Simrik Air for the domestic flights. These companies accept payment via e-Sewa offering an online purchase of air tickets.
    5. Buying Products Online in Nepal: Stores and shopping malls have been accepting e-Sewa payments for online purchases. Some of the stores are also offering discounts on such purchases.
    6. Recharges and Top Ups: Postpaid and prepaid NTC/Ncell/CDMA users can top up their balance via e-Sewa. DTH service providers like Dish Home and SimTv also accept payments via e-Sewa. Payment through e-Sewa is also accepted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like NT ADSL, Worldlink, Vianet, Broadlink, Net Max, Hons, Subisu, Websurfer, and Itel.
    7. Paying Utility Bills and Subscriptions: This service includes payment of utility bills like telephone bills (NT Landline), Electricity Bills/NEA Payment (Currently limited to Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara), water bills/Khanepani Payment (currently limited to Lekhnath Small Town Water Supply, Pragatinagar Khanepani, Damauli Khanepani and Prithvi Narayan Khanepani), Newspaper Subscription, etc.
    8. Send/Receive Remittance: e-Sewa has also been acting as a media to send and receive remittance. eSewa has also collaborated with the Western Union as an exclusive digital remittance partner.
    9. Credit Card Payment: e-Sewa accepts credit card payments for the following banks: Nabil Bank, Global IME Bank, NMB Bank, Prabhu Bank, Laxmi Bank, Citizens Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Sanima Bank, Kumari Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Prime Commercial Bank.
    10. Online Study: e-Sewa can also be used to make payment to the online teaching/reading media like, Career Disha Nepal, Midas E-class, Loksewanepal,, Meroanswer, and Milan EPS.
    11. Some Additional Services: eSewa can also be used to recharge Tootle balance and Onver Smart Taxi. In addition, it has collaborated with different transport companies for online bus ticket booking. Furthermore, users can also make their Insurance Premium, EMI, Finance and Antivirus Payment via eSewa.
    12. Service Cash Backs: e-Sewa has been offering cash backs on various transactions. The cash back offered by e-Sewa on different services are tabulated below:
Type of Service Cash Back Percentage (%)
Ncell Top-up 2.0
NT Postpaid Top-up 2.3
NT Prepaid Top-up 2.3
NT ADSL top-up – Volume Based 2.0
NT ADSL top-up – Unlimited 2.0
NT Landline Payment 2.3
Khanepani Bill Payment Rs. 5 (Charge)

13. eSewa Nepal Banks: e-Sewa has partnered around 50 banks. These banks have facilitated the e-Sewa users to draw the bank money into an eSewa account and depositing the e-Sewa fund into the banks. Some of the banks are mentioned below.

Ace Development Bank Limited Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Citizens Bank International Everest Bank
Excel Development Bank Gandaki development Bank Garima Bikas Bank Global IME Bank
Gurkhas Finance Janata Bank Jyoti Bikas Bank Kailash Bikas Bank
Kamana Bikas Bank Kanchan Development Bank Kumari Bank Laxmi Bank
Machhapuchchhre Bank Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Manaslu Bikas Bank Mega Bank Limited
Mission Development Bank Muktinath Bikas Bank Nabil Bank NCC Bank
Nepal Bangladesh Bank NIC Asia OM Development Bank Prabhu Bank
Prime Commercial Bank Purnima Bikas Bank Rastra Banijya Bank Reliable development Bank
Sajha Bikas Bank Sanima Bank Sewa Bikas Bank Shangrila Development Bank
Shine Resunga Development Bank Siddhartha Development Bank Sunrise Bank Tinau Bikas Bank
Tourism Development Bank Tribeni Bikas Bank United Finance Yeti Development Bank


Carrying bulky wallets or purses not only bring inconvenience when carried but also acts as an invitation to the pickpockets. So going cashless and making payments through the eSewa not only offers fast and convenient transactions but also safety from the theft of wallets and purses. The users of eSewa are also privileged with offers, bonuses and discounts on the payments through eSewa. Since it has garnered a comparatively higher number of users (as compared to other Nepali mobile wallets), fund transfer among the eSewa users will not be at all difficult. So the use of eSewa seems to be a wise. However, the scope of eSewa is limited. All the banks and travel agencies have not entirely accepted eSewa as the payment gateway for their protocol. And outside Kathmandu Valley, the scope of eSewa is even constricted.

So it would be better if eSewa expands its scope with increased services and all the services widespread all over Nepal. If eSewa reaches that benchmark, eSewa will definitely be the ultimate online payment gateway in Nepal.

User Interface (UI)
Load Time
Bugs and Crashes