Smartphone brands might have to bring back removable batteries

Smartphones brand may be forced to bring back removable batteries
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Back in the day, we could easily replace our smartphone batteries. Well, we can have those days back again — thanks to a new law passed by the European Union (EU). The rule makes it compulsory for gadgets, including smartphones, in the EU to have removable batteries. This means that even the companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung will have to make certain changes to their smartphone designs to follow the new law.

EU to bring back removable batteries in smartphones

In the past, our fingernails were enough to pop open the back of our phones and replace the battery. But, with the trend of smooth and stylish designs, it became difficult to adjust removable batteries in phones. However, with the new law, manufacturers have to redesign their gadgets and find better ways to make batteries easily replaceable by the end users.

Surprisingly, the European Parliament’s vote on this change was in favor with a count ratio of 587 to 9. This law aims to promote sustainability and reduce electronic waste. By making batteries easily replaceable, people can keep their devices for longer, reducing the need to get a new device when the battery fails.

It’s important to note that this law currently applies only to Europe. However, other regions could soon start discussions regarding the topic. Recently, we also heard about the EU passing the law to introduce USB Type-C chargers for all smartphones with the collaboration of India. Such a move towards standardization and environmental protection is commendable.

EU Removable Batteries Implementation Timeline

There is not any official statement from Samsung regarding their response to the regulations. However, we can expect both Apple and Samsung to take the lead in implementing the changes to protect the environment. The law requires the implementation of easily replaceable batteries before 2027, with the possibility of an extension in the deadline.

Overall, this new law marks a significant shift towards more sustainable practices in the tech industry. We might soon bid farewell to the days of glued-in batteries and welcome a future where smartphones are more user-friendly and environmentally conscious. The European Union’s initiative is a step in the right direction, and hopefully, it will inspire similar actions worldwide.