Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery issue: Is it facing the same fate as last year’s Note 7?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review
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The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the complete smartphones of 2017. If you don’t believe us just ask MKBHD. But so was the Galaxy Note 7 from last year, which was basically perfect for its time, apart from a tiny problem. which was, of course, its battery. This year we have the Note 8 with another minute problem, and that problem is its battery.

No, the Galaxy Note 8 isn’t exploding, it’s a rather odd problem. Users are reporting that their devices aren’t turning back on after their phones turned off from complete battery drainage. Review Galaxy Note 8 Nepal

Now when we use the whole 100% of the battery and then some, our phones also turn off. We just plug the charger into the phone and it takes about 2-3 mins before it boots up again. Well, some Note 8 users thought the same thing, just to find out that their smartphones never charged back up.

The problem here seems to be that the device refuses or fails to charge back up. If you are one of the users who has this problem, you should contact Samsung for a replacement. Some users have also reported the same in Samsung’s community forum, you can check it out here.

There are also reports of the Galaxy S8 Plus facing the same issues but we will have to wait and see until Samsung officially acknowledges this. Samsung representatives are, however, advising their users to return their smartphones and get a replacement under warranty.