This Smart Bracelet let’s you make calls through your finger!

get bracelet bone conduction
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What do the plethora of smartwatches at present offer you? Better health and fitness tracking, plenty of watch faces, variety of controls, and what not? And also, some let you make and receive calls via the watch itself. But how many offer you the ability to make calls through your finger? Well, the Get Bracelet does exactly that.

It allows you to use your index fingers to make and receive calls via Bone Conduction Technology. That means, the sound vibrations travel through your wrist bone between the bracelet and your index finger. And since the device uses vibration only, others cannot hear your conversations in any way. You simply shake your wrist to acknowledge calls and put your index finger in your ear to receive calls.

get bracelet smart bracelet

Also, the Get Bracelet has no buttons or screens of any kind. You control everything through gestures and voice. Voice recognition also allows you to trigger your phone’s Digital Assistant and make calls as well. In addition, being able to control your Digital Assistant also helps you to do other stuff – like maybe enquiring about the weather or something. Sure, that does not make for a full-fledged control, but it achieves its goal of minimizing your interactions with your smartphone.

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In addition, this smart bracelet – a fusion of a Fitbit and a Smartwatch, also records heartbeat, calories burnt, and remind the user to drink water as well as notify for calls, text messages and other notifications. Furthermore, using a fingerprint scanner on the wrist strap, users can also make contactless payments. To do so, the band connects to your phone with an app, which is obvious.

Furthermore, this Get Bracelet also features fast charging, while storing a huge battery. And another thing is, the bracelet is completely waterproof for up to 10 meters.

Right now, the Italian company is looking for funding through the Kickstarter campaign for mass production. Pledges for that begins at about €115 (US$128) for one Get Bracelet, and a wireless charging base will cost €25 ($28) extra. If they meet the requirements, the Get Bracelets should start shipping by March 2020.