OpenAI announces new GPT-4o with free access for everyone!

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In a blog post on their site yesterday, OpenAI announced a new version of GPT 4 with faster computation and better efficiency labeled ‘GPT-4o’. In this piece, let’s take a quick peek at the new GPT 4o and what it entails for you and me. 

GPT-4o Overview:

Performance Improvements

GPT-4o is OpenAI’s latest ‘flagship model’ which means that it beats the popular GPT 4 and the faster GPT 4 Turbo in terms of performance. Though we don’t have exact numbers available, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be one of the best LLMs out there alongside Claude Opus and Gemini Ultra.

ChatGPT Logo

Let’s start simple with what’s improved. According to the company, the new model is ‘much faster’ and improves on its abilities around the clock be it text, speech, or vision. With best-in-class image understanding, GPT-4o will be able to do things like look and explain hotel menus, do translations, and offer recommendations based on images. 

Future Promises

Future prospects also look bright as OpenAI aims for real-time voice and video conversations with ChatGPT in the future. One particular example they gave is the ability to explain the rules of an ongoing game. There’ll be a dedicated ‘Voice Mode’ housing all these new features with early access to Plus users.

Free to use but…

One of the most exciting things about this upcoming GPT is the access ladder. Unlike GPT-4 which was pay-walled behind a 20-dollar ‘Plus’ subscription, GPT-4o will be free to use for all users. Given that free users will have usage limits and they will be downgraded to GPT 3.5 when that limit is triggered, it’s still more inclusive than what we have right now with GPT 4. ChatGPT Plus users get five times greater limits while Enterprise and Team have even higher ceilings.

Abilities of the new GPT-4o

So what can you do with the new GPT-4o that you cannot right now with your free version of Chat GPT? 

First and most apparent is the ability to pull answers from the internet. Next, you are likely to notice the speed of generated output is super fast. You’ll also be able to voice chat with the bot and upload files to ask queries that way. Of course, the quality of the output is bound to improve and you’ll also have access to GPTs and the GPT store. Last but not least, you can use memory so that ChatGPT remembers details about you and your conversations.

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