Hamro Doctor App Review: Personal Health Assistant For Nepali Users

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There are countless health apps on the Play Store but most of them focus on counting your body calories and such. But a handy app specialized for your location, that lets you look for hospitals near you and search for your health problems is a rare thing. Today we are reviewing such Health App specialized for Nepal called the Hamro Doctor. Let’s see how Hamro Doctor can be the solution for your health problems.

Opening up the app, we can see different categories to choose from. All of the primary functions of the apps are right on the home screen giving an easy access to all the main functionalities. Scrolling down a little bit we’ll see all the news and articles related to health.

Hamro Doctor

Going into the Hospital tab, you can find almost all the hospitals in Nepal arranged alphabetically. From there, you can search for hospitals, view its contact details, no. of wards and all the doctors of that hospital based on their specialization. It also shows all the services that are available in that hospital. You can directly send a query to book or get a feedback on your health issue as well.

Moving on to the Doctor tab, we can find doctors specializing in different aspects of health. You can also find information on which hospital the doctor belong to. But this tab doesn’t’ seem to be complete. Feature to show doctor’s schedule seems to be an ongoing process along with the Doctors contact information. So in the future updates, we can expect some improvements here but still previewing everything related to a doctor means violating Doctor’s privacy.

Blood Donor Service is possibly the best service of this app. You can either sign up to donate blood or request blood. All the information of the donors based on their blood types are listed and you can request blood from any of them. I highly recommend anyone who is willing to donate blood to use this app to register as a donor as it can save people’s live for real.

From the Ambulance tab, you can quickly contact ambulance from different hospitals. On the medicine tab, based on the type of health issue you have, you can quickly find the medicine related to that problem./

Hamro Doctor

Also, a pretty handy feature provided by the app is to Track Your Medicine. You can add multiple medicines you want to be reminded about and at what times you want to take them, then the app will give a push notification based on the time set.

If you swipe from the left, you’ll get the array of options. On the Articles section, you can find articles related to health which explains about causes and remedies of different occurring health problems. And on the Video section, you’ll find videos talking about health issues which you can also see directly view from the Hamro Doctor’s YouTube channel. On the Disease section, you can search for a disease and get a detail description about the diseases with symptoms, prevention, treatments and so on.

So Hamro Doctor is your one-stop app for all your health related queries and support. If you want some general information about anything related to your health then it doesn’t get any better than this. Sure there are few problems with the app like incomplete information about hospitals and doctors and sometimes even wrong information but that doesn’t stop this app from doing what it’s supposed to that is quick and easy look up for your health problems in times of emergency.

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