Foldable phones will FINALLY be for the regular folks!

Huawei Pocket and Galaxy Z
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Foldables are the hot take in the tech community at present. It seems as if every smartphone company is having its go in this category. However, all these products have a common thing — they cost an arm and a leg! But now, the paradigm finally seems to be shifting with the Huawei Pocket P series and Samsung Galaxy Z FE!

Budget Foldables Rumours Roundup:

Huawei Pocket P series

Huawei has been producing one of the most impressive foldable smartphones in the market. They released the Huawei Pocket S last year, which is one of the most budget-friendly foldables. But now the Chinese tech giant is one-upping themselves with an entry-level foldable in the works.

Huawei Pocket S

Rumours have it, that Huawei will be launching this foldable under the moniker of the “Pocket P” series. This scoop comes from the tipster, Revengus, who states that this foldable will come out in the first half of the year 2024. Furthermore, they also say that this foldable will have a price tag of USD 735 or lower. This will put the Huawei Pocket P series in the same price range as the Techno Flip V. Adding on, the global availability of the device is yet unknown.

Samsung Galaxy Z FE

It is well-known that the FE series are watered-down versions of much more potent offerings from Samsung. Reports say that Samsung is working on an FE version of its own foldables — which are held as the best in the line. This is the extent of information available regarding the Galaxy Z FE as of now.

However, sources are speculating this budget-friendly foldable from Samsung will go live alongside its premium folds. Such that, Samsung will probably unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Galaxy Z Flip 6 somewhere around August 2024.


As a person who loves the concept of a folding phone, but however, not quite able to afford it — this latest development absolutely excites me! In order to cut down the prices, companies will probably opt for less capable hardware. Given that, foldable phones already make quite a few compromises on their hardware compared to their flagship counterpart, I am dying to see how these new affordable folds will unfold to be! *pun intended*

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