Hear me Cheer: the app that will bring back stadium noise to your favorite sport

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The world is slowly starting to somewhat recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Granted, we will not go back to being normal right from tomorrow, but things are improving. However, the post-pandemic world will not be like the “normal” world that we are used to. Everything will be affected. Be it travel, parties, or sports, nothing will remain the same. Well, travel and parties are a few things that are unlikely to resume anytime soon. However, sports in some parts of the world are slowly returning. EPL, NFL, and many more have already laid out their plans to resume their respective competition soon. Still, they will be missing one integral part of any sports i.e the fans. Empty stadiums are no fun, but that’s where the Hear me Cheer app jumps in.

Due to the current social distancing policy, stadiums will not be completely filled. And with no fans inside the stadium, even those watching from their homes might feel less interested as they will not hear any cheering. Now, that’s a major problem as fan noise is an important part of the sport-watching experience. However, Champ Traxs’ innovation, the Hear me Cheer app founder aims to revive that experience.

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Hear me Cheer app

Hear me Cheer is a web app that compiles the audio streams of fans cheering and booing remotely. And after the compilation, it plays the sound both inside the stadium and over the television broadcast.

Basically, as you sit down on your couch to watch your favorite sport, all you have to do is go to their site and put down your device. The app automatically records each user’s background sound. And compiles it into one audio stream that contains every user’s sound. So as you cheer for your favorite team, the app sends the audio data to its server for compilation. It uses a proprietary algorithm in order to weigh each user’s sound. The low-latency algorithm enables the app to maintain full integrity and sound effects.

The Hear me Cheer app actually debuted during a boxing match on ESPN last Tuesday. And it also played the audio during the NFL draft in April. However, when the football season in the US resumes, that’s when the app will be truly tested.

Should football leagues in Europe also make use of this app? What do you think? Do comment down below!