Huami to unveil a new health-centric OS and chip for smartwatches

Huami The Future of Health Event Poster Smartwatch OS Chip
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Huami, the company behind wearable brands like Amazfit (Zepp), is developing a new chip and an OS for smartwatches. As expected, the primary focus of the upcoming smartwatch chip and OS from Huami will be health-related features.

Upcoming smartwatch OS & chip from Huami

In case, you’re unfamiliar with Huami, it’s a China-based company that specializes in smart wearable technology and cloud-based health services. The company was founded back in 2013. It is mostly known for the Zepp and Amazfit-branded smartwatches.

It also provides AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms to other companies. One such example is Huami’s partnership with Xiaomi. It makes most of Xiaomi’s wearable devices, including smartwatches and smart bands.

Huangshan 2S

Huami’s upcoming chip for its smartwatch will be called Huangshan 2S. The chip will leverage the open-source platform of RISC-V. The architecture will make the chip more powerful and more power-efficient. The chip will have a total of two cores. It will also feature an independent GPU for better graphics rendering.

Huami OS

As mentioned earlier, Huami has designed the new OS to make the most out of health features. A video shared by the company’s CEO Wang Huang reveals a revamped interface for heart rate monitoring.

Besides this, there’s not much info about the OS. We don’t even know what its name will be. However, prominent leakster Digital Chat Station has praised the UI and user experience after a hands-on experience. He also revealed the support for dynamic watch face in a short video.

Huawei smartwatch OS, chip: Launch Date

Huami will unveil the new smartwatch OS and Huangshan 2S chip at “The Future of Health” event which will take place on July 13.

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