Water to the Burnt Area: Huawei supplier bans Apple products

huawei supplier bans apple products for its employees
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While US has been working hard to get Huawei’s products banned from the US, and even encouraging other countries to do the same, Huawei’s suppliers seem to support the smartphone company. Menpad, the supplier of LCD panels for Huawei has a new policy. It’s employees are prohibited from using Apple products. And they will be fined for buying one!

The LCD Maker, Menpad asked its employees not to buy iPhones or Apple products. And if found doing so, they will be fined equivalent to the market price of the product they bought. However, it is not clear how the penalty will be carried out. 

huawei supplier bans apple products for its employees

The nationalistic pride of the Chinese company doesn’t stop there. The company is also encouraging its employees to buy Huawei and ZTE phones. It is providing 15% incentives to those buying phones from Huawei and ZTE. 


And that is not the end. The company went on to say that it will stop using American products such as office equipment, computers and even cars! In addition, the company is also offering double the commission to any of the salespeople who sell their products to the US. 

A little absurd? Maybe. But this comes after Huawei issued a letter to all its global suppliers for their continued support after Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada at US’s request. Things are getting way too political for taste…but what do you think? Are US allegations against Huawei true? 

Personally, I like Huawei phones. Not all of them, but the Chinese company is in the number 2 spot for a reason! Their flagship and mid-range phones are some of the best. But what’s up with the US trying to ban their products, i not only US, but from other countries as well? Do you believe Huawei is actually guilty? Feel free to drop your speculations.