AI-powered Insta360 Link webcam with 4K recording launched in Nepal

Insta360 Link - Specs, Features, Availability, Price in Nepal
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The Insta360 Link sets itself apart from normal webcams thanks to its unique features such as AI-tracking. The webcam is finally available in the Nepali market. Here, we will take a look at the Insta360 Link, alongside its key specs, features, price, and availability in Nepal.

Insta360 Link Overview:


The top of the Insta360 Link looks more like an action camera due to its gimbal that supports swivel, tilt, and rotate motions. On the contrary, the base resembles a standard webcam and has a green accent. The webcam has a USB Type-C port on the back for connectivity.

Instead of mounting on top of your monitor, the Insta360 Link can also be placed on a tripod. The company even sells a mini 2-in-1 tripod to go with the webcam.

Insta360 Link - Design


Insta360 Link comes packed with tons of features. Starting off with the 1/2″ sensor, it can record up to 4K UHD footage at 30 fps. Likewise, the bigger size of the sensor allows for good performance under low light conditions.

It is also capable of recording HDR footage at 1080p and 720p. Besides, the Link has Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) with auto exposure for faster focus on videos

AI Tracking

The Insta360 Link uses a 3-axis gimbal system paired with an AI tracking algorithm in order to keep the subject in the frame via automatic framing and zooming.

Moreover, the camera can be controlled via gestures. Showing your palm enables AI Tracking, an L shape with the thumb and index allows zoom controls, and a V-sign activates whiteboard mode.

Rest of the specs

If left inactive for 10 seconds, the Insta360 Link automatically points downwards because of the built-in privacy protection. It also has dual microphones with noise reduction capabilities.

The webcam also allows for manual controls via the Link Controller desktop software. With it, users can adjust parameters such as exposure, brightness, gimbal position, and more.

Insta360 Link Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 69×41×45mm
  • Weight: 106g
  • Sensor Size: 1/2″
  • Port: USB Type-C
  • Video: Up to 4K @ 30fps
  • Tracking: AI tracking
  • Zoom: Up to 4x (Digital)
  • Audio: Dual noise-canceling microphones

Insta360 Link Price in Nepal and Availability

The Insta360 Link is available in Nepal for Rs. 45,000. The webcam can be purchased via authorized distributors like Hukut Store.

Webcam Price in Nepal Availability
Insta360 Link Rs. 45,000 Hukut Store