Instameme: Meme Generator App Overview

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Laughter is the best medicine and every once in a while we like a good laugh. The source might be umpteen, but now memes have been the number one gateway to have fun on the internet. Memes might be about someone you know or about the current situation or emotion; it is the best way to express how you feel. Memes have created a culture of expressing yourself via satire and mimicry, no wonder sites like 9gag have blown up.  Now, making memes and having a good laugh has never been easier, introducing InstaMeme by Fawesome apps, developed by awesome developers here in Nepal.


InstaMeme is one of the most popular meme generators in the Google Play Store right now and the app has loads of functions and flexibility compared to others. For instance, the app has a neatly organized layout where you can easily swipe through different categories; you can find almost any stickers, rage or meme templates based on mood, event, or situation to express yourself. You can also use the images in your gallery or take a new picture from the app to create a meme.

The powerful features that make Instameme awesome:

  • MEMELINE: Meme timeline from Instameme community at
  • Over 5000 meme templates, stickers, emoticons/emoji & rage faces. Search or view by categories.
  • Instameme editor is your playground.
  • Use your custom images. Crop, add Filters, Edit.
  • Real-time text editor on text size, color, stroke size, stroke color
  • Manage multiple objects: bring forward/ send backward, Zoom in/out, Rotate, set the background, add gutters.
  • When you are done with your design, save locally to the phone or share with friends in social media applications
  • Simple to use, fast to create and easy to share.


You can go all out and really be creative with this app, you can even make posters for events or those hipsters Tumblr posts if you want to. To share your creation, Instameme has its own community or timeline, where you can share your memes for other Instameme users to see. You can directly share your memes to popular social media sites from the app. The best part of the app is that it doesn’t put any watermark on your meme. Small things like this make using this app completely awesome!

Instameme Web App: For creating memes on your browser!

Download Instameme for Android:

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