8 Interesting Websites You Should Know About

This is a short list of few unique websites we found on the internet that you might find interesting.

Unique Websites
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You surf the internet all day long but there’s always a particular set of websites you run into. Usually, these are blogs, news site, and video directories which are basically the same with contents of their own domain. Today we have summed up 10 websites that might interest you or come really handy. So let’s begin!

What Every Browser Knows About You(WEBKAY):

With privacy being one of the most serious issues of the decade, our every move on the internet is being tracked. All of our personal information is being sold for targeted advertisement and all of this is happening simply through our browser. So here’s a simple site, that’ll preview all the information the browser knows about you. It’ll give you your location, sites you are logged into, your system hardware information, and so on. The best thing about this site is, it not only shows you what it knows but also suggests how you can hide that information! 

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Interesting sites

MusicMap is a simple site where you can find other artists you may like if you listen to a certain artist. The search results would be based on – if People like this artist then they would also like these artists. When you search for the artist, you’d get a scattered search result. If two artists are close together, then the probability of liking that artist is high if not then it’s so-so.

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Explore Everest:

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Bored of couch surfing all day? How about a quick tour of the Mt.Everest? Explore Everest is an intuitive website which takes you on a journey to the top of Mt. Everest. You get an interactive audio experience of winds howling, a side altitude meter and a story line to keep you entertained throughout the journey. It doesn’t have Google’s 360 views which would have made it more fun to look around but still, it’s a great experience.

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Pink Trombone:


This one is a really interesting one and a useful one if you are a health student. This website helps you with speech synthesis. This will show you how your mouth is manipulated while producing different sounds. It lets you control your oral cavity, throat, and tongue to produce noise.

Here’s a basic walkthrough of the site:

  • move the body of the tongue to shape vowels.
  • touch the oral cavity to narrow it, for fricative consonants.
  • touch above the oral cavity to close it, for stop consonants
  • touch the nasal cavity to open the velum and let sound flow through the nose.

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Photoskop is a perfect interactive tool for individual who are interested in photography. This site simulates the working of a DSLR and lets you control different aspects of it, teaching you how it affects the picture you’re taking. You’ll also be able to control scene(based on lighting), equipment and setup. There’s also a catalog to adopt what kind of photography you’d want to learn. Getting a DSLR sure is expensive, so you might just learn the basic skills with this simulation and apply your newly acquired knowledge in the real world. Since most of the browsers have already killed flash, this one needs Adobe Flash to run the simulation, so make sure to install it beforehand.

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If you are someone who travels a lot then getting all the information of that country and its cities at hand is very useful. This is where thebasetrip comes in picture. This site will give all the necessary information from 650 cities of 230 countries. The site includes visa & embassy information, accommodation & flight prices, and apps to book one, currencies, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices(with carriers), electricity sockets, general rules and regulations and more.

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quickdraw google

Quick Draw is a website by Google where you can draw doodle to see if the Google’s Neural Network can identify it. This site gives you an item for doodling and based on your drawing, the site passes various comments. It’s a fun website to kill your time. Your doodle is saved on the Google’s database which helps to train its Neural Network to be better at identifying objects. Also, all of this data is open source, so if you’re a developer you can easily use this dataset in your project.

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This website is going to be handy for those who love reading. This is a simple site that tells you how much average time it would take to read a certain book. This has a straightforward UI where you have to enter the Name and Author of the book and it’ll deliver its reading time. Making an account on the site will give an added benefit of personalized reading time. First, it’ll give you few chunks of paragraphs to read and based on the time you take, it’ll predict the reading time of all the books you search for.

As an icing on the cake, Readism also comes with its own Chrome Extension which can tell you how long a certain web article will take to read.

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