ViCentra unveils advanced closed-loop insulin delivery system with AI

Kaleido Insulin Pump price in nepal
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In the face of escalating insulin costs, ViCentra introduces a beacon of hope with the Kaleido insulin delivery system. With a focus on revolutionizing diabetes management, this advanced closed-loop solution offers real-time adjustments and flexible wearability, promising a transformative impact on the lives of those dealing with Type 1 diabetes. In this article, we delve into the potential ViCentra Kaleido Insulin Pump Price in Nepal, and its plan to reshape the narrative of diabetes care.

Kaleido Insulin Pump: An Overview

ViCentra Kaleido’s Innovative Solution for Type 1 Diabetes

In a groundbreaking move, ViCentra, based in Utrecht, Netherlands, has introduced a revolutionary hybrid closed-loop automated insulin delivery system. This state-of-the-art system is meticulously designed for individuals grappling with the challenges of Type 1 diabetes, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and the ViCentra Kaleido insulin pump.

 ViCentra Kaleido’s Closed-Loop Approach

Kaleido Insulin Price in nepal

The hallmark of ViCentra Kaleido’s insulin system is its ability to make real-time, dynamic adjustments to insulin delivery based on the wearer’s blood glucose levels. The Dexcom G6 CGM and ViCentra Kaleido insulin pump provide a seamless and easy-to-use solution for managing Type 1 diabetes.

The ViCentra Kaleido Insulin Pump

Kaleido Insulin Pump Price in Nepal

At the core of ViCentra Kaleido’s system is the Kaleido insulin pump, which introduces unparalleled flexibility in wearability. Users can choose to wear the pump as a discreet patch or conveniently place it in their pocket. With two durable and rechargeable pumps, ViCentra Kaleido’s system eliminates the need for frequent disposals every three days, presenting a more sustainable and user-friendly solution.

Diabeloop’s Intelligent Algorithm

Setting a new standard in diabetes management, ViCentra Kaleido’s system incorporates the intelligent Diabeloop DBLG1 algorithm. This algorithm, working in tandem with the Dexcom G6 CGM, considers crucial factors such as glucose levels, meal inputs, and physical activities to autonomously adjust insulin delivery. The result is a groundbreaking artificial pancreas that liberates users from constant monitoring and self-injections for up to three days.

Aesthetic Personalization

Beyond functionality, ViCentra Kaleido prioritizes the user experience, evident in the vibrant array of ten color options for the Kaleido pump. This personalization feature allows users to customize their device, blending technological innovation with personal style.

Transformative Impact on Health

The impact of  Kaleido insulin pump advanced system on health outcomes is significant. The company shows a significant 16.7% boost in users’ glucose management… The ViCentra Kaleido system has reduced hypoglycemia instances by over 50%, ensuring user safety and well-being.

Frans Cromme (CEO of ViCentra) and Stephane Majerus (CEO of Diabeloop) partner to improve Type 1 diabetes patient outcomes. ViCentra Kaleido’s unique design combined with Diabeloop’s proven algorithm aims to enhance the quality of life for people managing diabetes.

Kaleido Insulin Pump Price in Nepal and Availability 

ViCentra’s commitment to transforming diabetes management extends globally. The company plans to initiate the system’s rollout in Germany, the Netherlands, and France in collaboration with Diabeloop priced at US $73.81. Anticipated expansion to the UK and Italy by 2024 signifies ViCentra’s dedication to making this transformative ViCentra Kaleido diabetes management solution accessible to a broader audience. However, the Kaleido Insulin Pump’s availability in Nepal is uncertain for now. But.. we promise to keep you updated on the availability and Kaleido Insulin Pump price in Nepal

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