Forget triple cameras; A company is launching a smartphone with 9 cameras!

light phone 9 cameras
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It hasn’t been a long time since Huawei launched the P20 Pro, a phone boasting the triple camera setup on its back. Before that, mobile phone companies advertised a lot about the dual cameras their phones housed. Since Huawei launched its flagship, lots of experts implied on the time of quad cameras being not so far away. And their assumption is turning out to be correct. A new smartphone is soon to be launched in the mobile phone industry. What’s new about it? Well, it houses 9 cameras on its back.

That’s true. Light, the company that displayed the L16, a multi-aperture computational camera, at CES 2018, is coming with this smartphone that has various cameras with various sensors and various apertures. The L16 had 16 different cameras at work. Yes, 16! Although the design of this device was quite different than what we usually see on cameras, this unique step from Light was surely commendable. The L16 camera is capable of capturing images with 52-megapixel resolution.

With nine cameras at the helm, the new smartphone from Light will be embedded with a lot of features the L16’s cameras house. It will do well under low-light conditions and the depth effects will surely be top-notch.

The Huawei P20 Pro introduced 5x optical zoom in the mobile phone industry. This feature was well received by all reviewers and experts. Huawei achieved this with the three cameras on the back. Now imagine the zoom feature of the Light smartphone that will come with 9 lenses.

Light recently showcased the prototypes of its smartphone to the Washington Post, and those devices had 5 to 9 cameras on the back. And if Light gets it right, the smartphone will be capable of shooting pictures of 64-megapixel.

However, it’s the pricing that will be interesting to see. The Light L16 comes with a price of $1,950 and with all the camera capabilities it has, I expect this device to come with a hefty price tag. This smartphone from Light will be available by the end of this year, and it will be powered by Android.