LinearFlux officially enters Nepal with their Hypersonic Earbuds

IMS group launches LinearFlux in Nepal
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In Nepal, we actually don’t have many options to choose from. I’m not talking about the accessories store – we have a lot of them but the kind of products they offer. All the stores offer almost the same range of products and most of the time you don’t actually get what you are looking for. Even if you do, you will have to doubt about the originality of the products. I mean, there aren’t a lot of brands that are officially available in Nepal. If you feel my pain there’s a piece of good news for us. LinearFlux, a young company based on the USA, has now officially landed in Nepal with its Hypersonic Earbuds. With this, we have one more option to choose from next time we head to the store to buy some accessories.

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About LinearFlux

LinearFlux, formed in 2014, is a brand based on the USA devoted to providing a range of quality accessories to the consumers. They debuted with LithiumCard which came with its own HyperCharging Technology – their take on ultra-fast charging. As of now, it has widened its portfolio of accessories. Some of its notable products include LithiumCard, Graphene series of power banks and charging cables, and Hypersonic earbuds.

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LinearFlux in Nepal

The US-based brand has now officially landed in Nepal. IMS Group is the sole authorized distributor of LinearFlux in Nepal. As of now, they have brought LinearFlux Hypersonic True Wireless HD Earphones 2020.

LinearFlux Hypersonic Earbuds Overview

Hypersonic Wireless Earphone is among the latest products from the brand. The earphone is developed by Einstein and David, both of which were part of the team of Monster Products that worked to make Beats By Dr. Dre what it is now. But unlike the offerings from the Monster Products, LinearFlux hypersonic wireless earphones are designed to provide a quality experience at affordable prices.

LinearFlux Hypersonic Wireless Earphone 2020

The earphones come with LinearFlux DL01 Immersive Sound Engine which the company claims to provide better music clarity and bass. It comes with an IPx7 rating which means theoretically it can withstand water up to 1m depth. You can expect a playback time of around 6-8 hours per charge. It comes with Bluetooth 5 technology, beamforming microphone, and one-touch access for Alexa, Siri, and Google.

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LinearFlux Hypersonic Earbuds Price & Availability

The price of LinearFlux Hyper-sonic True Wireless Earphone is NRs. 12,990. You can buy it form IMS showrooms in City Center and Tamrakaar Complex. It is also available in a few other retail outlets in New Road, Jwalakel, Chabahil, Kalanki, Pokhara, Butwal, and Narayanghat. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting stores, you can buy it online from

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