Locus Energy Hackathon: Pre-event to the largest innovative tech fair in Nepal

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Locus 2017 is kicking off from 9th of February (Magh 27 2073) and it has put forward Energy Hackathon as the pre-event. Locus is basically a student-run organization in the Pulchowk campus and is responsible for organizing the largest innovative tech-fair in Nepal. The organization is pillared by the students of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Departments of the Pulchowk Campus. To know more about the Locus 2017 and the events and pre-events organized by it, click here.

What is Locus Energy Hackathon?

Energy Hackathon is one of the pre-events of organized by LOCUS. This is the first time Locus included this pre-event in its timeline. This is a three-day pre-event and will be held on 22nd,23rd, and 24th of Magh. In this pre-event, the participants as a team encounter some kind of energy related problems of Nepal on the first day, find the solution with the help of an expert on the second day and present their solution on last day. The team with the best presentation from each category is declared a winner.

This event is a perfect way to get more involved in the energy industry as well as a helpful platform to learn real world challenges, generates ideas, meet energy specialists and win cash prizes.


Demand Side Management

Kathmandu valley has recently been declared as a load shedding free area. This is an initiation made possible using peak-load demand management. However, there are challenges in meeting total demand especially during peak hours (evening and morning). This category mainly focuses on peak-hour load management and efficient load distribution.

Alternative Energy

With the recent developments in solar, wind, biogas energy generation, the alternative sources of energy are good areas of research and for newest technological implementation in various countries. In the context of Nepal, only a small proportion of alternative energy is being utilized.  This area focuses on such researches and technological developments.

Energy Efficiency

Low energy efficiency is one of the major energy problems in Nepal. Energy losses during energy transmission, conversion and distribution are significant. Also, various energy consuming units (loads) consume more energy than the output they yield. Uncontrolled reactive power demand also falls into this category. Hence, this area is supposed to focus on such contemporary issues of electrical energy efficiency in Nepal.

Who can participate?

Anyone with the team of 2-4 members and an innovative idea falling under one of our three categories can participate. Participants are expected mostly from energy-related programs. A small participant, however, is estimated to be tech enthusiasts from IT colleges and +2 colleges.

Why participate?

  1. To get involved in finding and solving energy problems of Nepal
  1. To get extensive knowledge on teamwork & coordination, project development, idea implantation and the challenges therein
  2. To get involved in healthy competitions among talented peers
  3. To win exciting prizes
  4. To bolster the culture of energy individually and globally

Judging Criteria

These are some of the main criteria; the judges will use to make their decisions on projects.

  • Technical Merit: Is the solution technically and scientifically sound?
  • Feasibility: How easy would the solution be to implement?
  • Impact: How advanced (or improved) is the solution, over current practices? Is the solution complete with regard to the challenge presented?
  • Presentation: How did they present their idea on stage?


If you feel interested in this pre-event, do not hesitate to make a registration. The registration costs Rs. 1,000 per team and the online registration for this pre-event can be done by clicking on this link. However, the amount of registration should be paid by contacting one of the following people.

Shrijana Shrestha:-9846658414 | Niraj Thapa:-9860125236 | Niranjan Shrestha: 9861037724