JEDEC announces LPDDR5 RAM modules for mobile devices

    lpddr5 ram modules mobile devices
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    JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), the Solid State Technology Association recently announced the new LPDDR RAM standard: namely known as the LPDDR5 RAM standard. This new standard promises faster data transfer, better power management, and improved efficiency over its predecessor.

    LPDDR5 RAM Modules Overview

    The LPDDR4 standard has been in the business for around four years now. Although it was well-remarked for its speed and capabilities, the new one now has much better things to offer. The data rate on this new generation of RAM has received an improvement of 50%. This enhancement will also boost the performance of the next generation of portable electronics devices to a whole new level. The new RAM also promises improvements in capabilities of the mobile devices.

    Other than that, the LPDDR5 RAM progresses on the throughput side. The LPDDR5 has a throughput of 6400 MT/s, which is a significant leap from the 3200 MT/s found on the LPDDR4. This advancement will considerably boost memory speed and efficiency for a variety of applications including mobile computing devices.

    To achieve such an impressive result, the LPDDR5 RAM received an overhaul in architecture. It now features 16 Banks programmable architecture and multi-clocking architecture.

    Other notable inclusion on it is the Data-Copy and Write-X features. Both of these features promise to make the device more efficient in terms of power.

    According to Business Wire, “The Data-Copy command instructs the LPDDR5 device to copy data transmitted on a single I/O pin to the other I/O pins. This eliminates the need to transmit data to the other pins. The Write-X command instructs the device to write all-ones or all-zeros to a specific address. This eliminates the need to send data from the SoC to the LPDDR5 device.”

    With such features, the LPDDR5 RAM modules sound amazing. But although it sounds promising when peeked into its feature list, we should really have to use LPDDR5 equipped device to truly feel the performance boost.

    Talking about the pricing, it’s now available for JEDEC’s official website at a solid price of $355.

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