Matter launches India’s first geared electric bike with liquid-cooled battery pack

Matter Electric Bike
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Matter, a 2019 tech startup from India, has launched the country’s first geared electric bike. It will be available in several variants, with a claimed range of 125-150 km on a single charge. More on the Matter electric bike in this article.

Matter Electric Bike Overview:


To begin, the Matter e-bike has a sporty design with sharp creases and curves all around the body. Adding to the look are LED turn indicators mounted on the front of the tank and a 3D design of the headlamp. Since there is no need for a fuel tank, it also has a 5-liter storage capacity. The container comes with built-in lighting and a smart mobile charging port.

Matter Electric Bike Design

Moreover, the bike has a 7-inch touchscreen for controls, which runs on Android. The display details riding modes, navigation, media controls, incoming calls, and such. You can also connect it to a mobile app that lets you control remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live location tracking, and vehicle health monitoring.


Powering this e-bike is a 10.5kW electric motor that is paired with a four-speed Hypershift manual gearbox (first in India) to provide the rider with full control. It has liquid cooling technology that works even when the bike is moving to effectively cool down the motor.

Matter Electric Bike Motor

Similarly, the vehicle gets disc brakes with ABS on both front and rear, and a dual cradle frame, to improve the bike’s handling dynamics. Matter says the bike has been tested in a wide range of climatic conditions with an operating ambient temperature of -10 degrees to 55 degrees (C).


This thing is fueled by a 5kWh battery that offers a riding distance of 125km to 150km. There’s also liquid protection on the cell that works in conjunction with Battery Management System (BMS) to optimize the system for efficiency, security, and reliability.

It works with both a standard 1kW charger and a fast charger. The latter charges the vehicle in about 5 hours. For your peace of mind, Matter has also included overcharge protection on the bike. In addition, the battery meets safety standards such as AIS 041 and IP65 water resistance.

Matter Electric Bike Price and Availability

Matter hasn’t said anything about the price or availability of this e-bike as of yet. But we expect more information from the brand in the coming months. For the time being, you can register your interest in the vehicle on its official site.

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