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Mi Notebook Air (2019) launched with some unimpressive specs but a stellar price tag

Mi NoteBook Air 2019
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Everyone wants to be the best, no matter if its inviduals, or in this case, tech giants. In the case of ultraportables, seems like Apple’s MacBook is the benchmark for all. We don’t disagree, it’s a really great laptop and even I would totally consider it if not for their pricing.

This is where companies like Xiaomi or Huawei comes in, and today it’s the turn of the former to take a try. With their newly launched product, the MI NoteBook Air 2019, can they give us a worthy MacBook alternative?

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Currently only available in China, the Mi NoteBook Air (2019) get an all-metal chassis while weighing just 1.07 Kgs. The display size comes in at 12.5-inches with a Full-HD resolution and a bezel size of just 0.22-inches. You get Harmon Kardon audio and fast charging support on all models. Xiaomi claims it can charge 50% in just 35 minutes, but failed to announce its actual capacity. As for connectivity, you have USB C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 3.0, and HDMI at your disposal.

Mi Notebook Air 2019

Internally, the choice of Core-M processors might not be so exciting, but consider a price of approx. $536, the m3-8100Y might not seem so bad. That’s the base model which gets a 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. BTW, there are three models currently on sale, and none of them come with anything over 4GB of RAM, which is a bit disappointing. We reckon a larger RAM sized variant is currently in the works. As for the rest of the models, you can compare them in this neat table below.

Mi NoteBook Air (2019) Specifications:

Processor Storage RAM Price (approx.)
Intel Core m3-8100Y 128GB 4GB $536
256GB $596
Intel Core i5-8250U $640

8th Gen processors are the way to go for now. Intel should seriously hurry up with their next-gen mobile processors. And judging by what we have right now, the 4GB of maximum RAM is a real problem here, but apart from that, the pricing is spot on. Sales of the Mi NoteBook Air 2019 have already begun in China with no word on an international release just yet. Although we recommend waiting for the full review to arrive before getting your credit cards out.