Xiaomi Launches a Powerful Mi Wifi Router 3 in Nepal

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A few days ago, you voted your Internet speed in our post about ISPs in Nepal. Well, did you know that your Internet speed might also be affected by the router?

Obviously, these days you use your Internet on multiple devices so, to keep up with the load, your router needs to be upgraded. Well, only if you want to fully enjoy the speed of your Internet!

Vatsal Impex, the authorized distributor of Xiaomi products in Nepal, has introduced a very powerful broadband Wifi router to handle your fast Internet and make your Internet experience frustration-free. The router is called Mi Wifi Router 3 and costs you NPR. 4,799 in Nepal. Now, Let’s see some features of this gadget.

Features of Mi Wifi Router 3


  • WiFi 802.11 a/c technology (a speed jump up to 1167 Mb / s)
  • Connect upto 126 devices
  • 4 high-gain omnidirectional antennas
  • Dual frequency (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Remote control of the router with the mobile app (both android and iOS)
  • Multi-level security approach
  • Pre-download videos in HD-quality
  • 2.0 USB port

Plus, the device looks cool! Furthermore, if you install Mi Wifi app on your mobile phone you can control your Internet easily. You can see who are connected to your network; and if some new user tries to connect to your router, it will send you a notification. You can then grant them access or deny and send the user to the black list.

WiFi ac technology provides a speed jump upto 1167Mb/s
WiFi ac technology provides a speed jump upto 1167Mb/s

According to the company’s website, Xiaomi Mi Router 3 serves as an intellectual media-center. You can simply plug a removable hard disk into the router and then, by using Mi WiFi app, you can start downloading your favorite movie in the hard disk.