MiOS isn’t coming. MIUI 15 confirmed instead

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There have been rumors regarding Xiaomi’s MIUI being replaced with MiOS soon. But recent developments have proven that claim to be baseless and unlikely. In this article, let’s delve into the claims and responses to gain a deeper understanding of the MIUI/MiOS situation. 

End of Xiaomi’s MIUI?

A reliable leakster, Digital Chat Station, posted on Chinese social media Weibo claiming that the current MIUI 14 will be the last official version of MIUI. Speculators suggested that it might be replaced by something entirely new like MiOS. Xiaomi would go the ‘Huawei Route’ to launch its own Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and run that instead. This is supported by the fact that Xiaomi has already trademarked the MiOS name and mios.cn domain in China. But a new blog post on Xiaomiui forums speaks a different tale. 

Digital Chat Station MIUI 14

MiOS is not coming, prepare for MIUI 15 instead

The blog post by Erencan Yilmaz begins by addressing the claims as ‘baseless and untrue’. The author then states that the Chinese giant is currently testing the MIUI 15 update which will be officially released with the upcoming Xiaomi 14 phones. He doesn’t outright shut down the claims of MiOS though instead opting for the ‘we don’t have that information’ response.

The author even entertains the idea stating that, “If such a switch were to happen, it would only take place in China. MiOS would not be available globally.” But quickly points out that Xiaomi’s current focus lies on optimizing their MIUI skin and not launching a new operating system.

Who to trust? 

Although Digital Chat Station is a trusted source, he didn’t cite any sources for his claims. On the other hand, Erecan provides screenshots of the latest internal builds of MIUI 15 obtained directly from the official Xiaomi server. Hence, it is much more likely that MIUI isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and MiOS is still far from our sights. 

“ MIUI 15 is currently in the testing phase for millions of Xiaomi smartphones such as Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Redmi K60 Pro, MIX FOLD 3, and more. All claims about the future of MiOS are false”

We’ll get a rollout of MIUI 15 alongside the Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro, and 14 Ultra.

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