Mobile Number Portability to be introduced by NTA

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    Here’s some good news for mobile users of Nepal. Nepal Telecom Authority has approved Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Nepal. Mobile number portability is a way one can change one SIM operator to another without having to change their number. Explaining quickly, if you have a Nepal Telecom SIM card or a Ncell SIM card, then you will be able to change your SIM operator to other option without changing your number.

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    As of now, NTC, Ncell, and Smartcelll will be offering the mobile number portability option to its customers. Although Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) has not announced when this service is going to launch, but we are hearing rumors that it will be available in a month or two. NTA said that Mobile Number Portability will be an easy process and one can switch from one carrier to another by just filling an online form, sending an SMS, or visiting the nearest store.

    The Mobile Number Portability implementation brings healthy competition between the two major telecom carriers of Nepal — Ncell and NTC. It will prove beneficial for all subscribers of Nepal. Not only you will be able to change carriers with ease, but carriers will be bringing new schemes and lower tariffs in order to lure customers to their end. Moreover, if you are travelling to some new place where your carrier network coverage is poor, you can change to the best available carrier.

    We just hope that Ncell and NTC will take the right approach of MNP by bringing better service facilities and customer support. So, what do you think about MNP in Nepal? Will you switch your carrier after MNP is available? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Jai Nepal!