7 Must have apps for all dog owners

Own a dog? This list consists of 7 useful dog-focused apps.

must have apps for dog owners
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Dogs are always a delight. If you are a dog owner, you know exactly what I mean. They help us in different steps, whether it’s by cheering us or by keeping us safe.

So today, I’m writing this article hoping it helps dogs and their owners. This article consists of a list of applications that could be useful for you if you’re a dog owner. Please note that I have not arranged the list in any way. Oh, and happy Kukur Tihar!



Leaving your dog at home with no one to watch? Install iCam. This app basically streams your webcam’s content into your smartphone. So, you can see and even hear what your dog is up to. This app also supports other operating systems like Windows and Mac. The video quality is determined by the quality of your web cam. Simply saying, this app is like a baby monitoring app, and can be used for the same purpose too.

Download iCam for iOS Download iCam for Android

Dog Breeds


Want to know more about the breed of the dog you have been eyeing to buy? Dog Breeds will help you. This application helps you explore thousands of breeds of dogs. All information of this app is based on petsie.org. This app contains tons of HD pictures of dogs too.

Download Dog Breeds for Android

Pet First Aid – Red Cross


Just as the name suggests, the Pet First Aid is your smart vet app which provides veterinary suggestions and solution for your pooch. It answers your queries through texts and videos, and also helps you discover veterinary hospitals and pet-friendly hotels if needed.

Download Pet First Aid for Android Download Pet First Aid for iOS



Having a problem feeding your dog? iKibble is here for the rescue. This app is basically about dogs and their nutrition. In the app, you can choose different vegetables, meat type, dairy product or any other food variety. The app then informs you about the nutritional importance of the selected food for the health of your pet.

Download iKibble for Android Download iKibble for iOS

ASPCA – Emergency Pet Safety


The ASPCA app helps you if something goes wrong with your dog. It has information on what to do in case of emergencies like accident and injuries. Besides this, the app helps you in making a digital flyer if your dog is lost. The flyer can be easily shared on any social media platform.

Download ASPCA for Android

PetCoach – Ask a vet for free


PetCoach is an important and useful app for all dog owners. Just like ASPCA and Pet First Aid, this app provides free veterinary suggestions. PetCoach is different from other applications in its category due to its prompt and real-time advice. So, if you have any queries regarding your canine, you can ask a certified vet, dog trainers, and nutritionists for free.

Download PetCoach for Android Download PetCoach for iOS

Dog Walk – Track your dogs!


The Dog Walk is like a fitness app for your dog. The app can track the daily walk of your dog by recording the way, duration, and distance of each walk. Dog walk even lets you capture pictures from your walk and share them.

Download Dog Walk for Android