Ncell Monsoon offer: Gifts for everyone, everyday!

Ncell Monsoon Offer 2017
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Ncell, the largest ICT service provider in Nepal has built fame in providing offers and packs to satisfy its customers when its competitor, Nepal Telecom seems quite aloof in the matter. And continuing the tradition, Ncell has brought another new offer with the name ‘Ncell Monsoon Offer.’ The new offer includes gifts for every Ncell users (prepaid and postpaid) without any cost in the activation.

Types of gifts in Ncell Monsoon Offer

The gift includes 100 MB data, 20 MB data, 10 MB data, 15 minutes talk time bonus, 15 minutes night talk time bonus, 10 minutes day talk time bonus and 20 bonus SMS. After the activation, users can get one gift among the bunch, which can be data pack, talk time or SMS.

How to activate?

The activation is easy. For the activation, you just need to dial *17124# or send a message to 17124 typing ‘A’(without the inverted comma). After a moment, you will receive a notification that confirms the activation. In addition, you will get a message, which will mention the type of gift you received.

Validity of the offer

The gift you receive will expire at midnight. However, as this is a 30 days offer, the gift will be renewed after every midnight for next 30 days starting from today.