Nepali Paisa: An App all about stock and share market in Nepal

If you are a finance enthusiast and want to keep your share values in check, this might be the catch for you!

nepali paisa app
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Source Code Private Limited has released an app entirely dedicated to the stock and share market in Nepal, called: Nepali Paisa. The app targets to provide access to all news, updates, and information regarding share market and stock prices in Nepal.

The app gives easy and detailed access to Nepal share market news, data, reports, numerous tools, indicators, information and much more. The app also provides breaking the financial news. And enables an access to historical data and analysis, thus making it easier for users to make proper decisions regarding finance. Nepali Paisa has everything you need to know about the market embedded within it. One can opt to create an account as an individual or as an organization or company.

The app provides services as per the account be it basic or premium. Through a basic service account, users can get free access to NEPSE report and technical analysis report every week. The basic service is free of charge. However, the premium service will cost you Rs.10,000 per year. Through it, the users get access to in-depth technical and fundamental analysis report every week and can also monitor their stock portfolio whenever and wherever they want, via internet access.

The app provides details regarding: information, news, events, financial summary, dividend history, AGM history, organizational structure, top shareholders about companies. Users can also juggle between investment opportunities and select the one they can benefit the most from, among a vast sea of choices.

Source Code Private Limited was established in October 2011 as a company focused towards stock market and financial investments. However, as of late, they have tested waters in the IT sector too. The company targets to solve business problems by providing competent services and solutions with the help extensive research, study and original software products. The company shares a vision to leave behind the conventional financial methods and move on to the digital platform in order to create a more secure and advanced business environment. Other releases of Source Code Private Limited for this cause are: Easy Demat Solution Software (EDSS), Broker Office Solution Software and

The key features of Nepali Paisa Mobile App can be discussed as:

  • Nepal Share market news
  • NEPSE data
  • All listed companies information
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Portfolio Management
  • IPO calculator
  • Stock Screener
  • Updates on announcements and stock events
  • IPO, FPO, Auction and Right Share news and updates
  • Weekly technical analysis and Nepse report as a basic user feature
  • Weekly in-depth technical analysis and in-depth fundamental analysis report as a subscribed premium user feature.