DJI new Drone, All set to launch in an Event in NYC

DJI event 2017
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DJI is a brand that is well know in the drone market. Products like Phantom series of drone, Inspire Series and Mavic drone, DJI is no stranger to the market. With the highly competitive market in this ever so growing need form the best tech at the most affordable price, DJI is all set to capture the market with its new ‘Selfie Drone’

The Event:

DJI has announced an event on May 24th to launch their latest drone. DJI’s new drone with its tag line ‘Seize the Moment’ will focus on your need to capture your moments. This event is set to be hosted in New York City.

By the looks of the video, the massively successful drone maker is going to launch a compact drone for all type of users. We can say that the device is portable as the user takes it out of the bag and then takes a selfie video. However there is no official description about the product that have been disclosed by the manufacturer. This device may be on the affordable side as every user on the video is using it for non professional use.

Until now, the brand’s most portable drone is the Mavic Pro. It is really easy to setup and fly this portable quad copter. The portable drone has strong signal reception and is able to withstand strong winds.

We can only find out only after the event whether it’s a replacement for the highly popular Mavic Pro. Maybe DJI’s new drone is a new lineup of Seflie drone for everyone? Anyway May 24th will with be a big day for all drone lovers.

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