NFC is going to get a lot better. Here’s how

NFC features
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The NFC Forum, which is responsible for overlooking Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, has just released a roadmap for the future of NFC. So let’s get into it.

What is NFC?

NFC is a short-range wireless technology that enables communication between devices nearby. It works based on electromagnetic induction and RFID technology, by sending and receiving radio waves across a short range. And it allows for stuff like making mobile payments, pairing devices just by tapping, and more.

NFC Forum 

Here, the NFC Forum is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 for promoting and developing NFC technology. It started out with just a few companies including Sony, Nokia, and NXP Semiconductors. But it has grown to include 400 members including household names like Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Visa, and more. Their main function is to establish standards, facilitate collaboration, and advocate for worldwide NFC adoption. And the NFC Forum has recently released a roadmap through 2028, highlighting the new developments in this field.

The NFC roadmap

There are 5 major points in the forum’s NFC roadmap, including increased power for wireless charging, increased range, and more.

1. Increased power wireless charging 

Like how your phone can wirelessly charge your smartwatch or wireless earbuds? Soon enough, you might be able to use NFC for the same, at least to an extent. The NFC Forum mentioned their aim of increasing the wireless power capabilities of NFC from 1 to 3 watts.

This might not sound very impressive since most high-end phones these days already have 5 to 10W of reverse wireless charging. But the thing is, NFC technology can fit into much smaller and more compact devices like IoT devices, making this a potentially huge deal for the near future. 

2. Increased range

One of the main limiting features of NFC connections is its short 5mm range. And the NFC Forum has mentioned its goal of increasing this range by four to six times. This upgrade would greatly improve its usability as you’d no longer have to align NFC devices precisely to establish connection.

NFC Features

3. Multi-purpose tap

As the name suggests, this feature will allow multiple actions to take place with just a single tap. It will greatly ease point-to-point receipt delivery, loyalty identification, and total journey ticketing.

4. Modernizing device-to-device communication

NFC-enabled smartphones and devices will have Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality making it easier for businesses and individuals to send and receive payments anywhere.

5. Expanding data-sharing capabilities for sustainability

Likewise, the NFC forum also aims to integrate NFC in ways to give information on product composition and recycling options. This will contribute to a healthier economy and support sustainability goals.

NFC Roadmap: Conclusion

The NFC Roadmap was developed in collaboration with the NFC Forum’s members, stakeholders, and liaison partners. By sharing the roadmap publicly, the institution aims to garner awareness and interest in NFC technology. Not all the features may come to fruition by 2028, so it is best to remain cautiously optimistic. And we can’t wait to see how NFC’s utility will actually pan out in the future.