NTC vs Ncell Dashain and Tihar Offer: Everything you need to know

NTC Ncell Dashain Tihar Offer 2017
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Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell are the leading telecommunication corporations of Nepal. These companies go head-to-head whatever the occasion is.

NTC Dashain Tihar and Chhat Offer 2017

NTC Ncell Dashain Tihar Offer 2017 NTC dashain offer

Nepal Telecom is lately coming up with different offers for its customers. So why would the government-owned telecommunication company not come up with a scheme targeting the ongoing and upcoming festive season?

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NTC has already started its Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath Offers for the year 2017. These offers will run in two different time frames.

  1. Bonus on Recharge

NTC customers will now receive 10% bonus while recharging their SIM card via a recharge card or MPoS recharge. This offer will run from 21st September until 26th September for Dashain and from 18th October until 20th October for Tihar and Chhath.

Via Recharge Card
Recharge AmountBonus Percentage on recharge
50  10%
Via MPoS Recharge
Recharge AmountBonus Percentage on recharge
Rs. 10 and above  10%

2. Free Exchange of 4G SIM cards

Some of you might have faced ‘Upgrade to USIM’ issue while enabling 4G. If that’s the case, NTC has got you covered. Nepal Telecom is providing free 4G SIM exchange for NTC customers from Kathmandu valley and Pokhara.

3. YouTube Data Pack for GSM users

The offer on YouTube Data Pack will run from 21st September to 5th October in regards to Dashain, and 18th October to 1st November for Tihar.

Data VolumePrice Rs. (Inc. Taxes)Subscription MethodPackage ValidityTime Band
1GB99.99Type YT1GB & Send to 141521 DaysAll Time
500MB60.00Type YT500MB & Send to 141514 Days

4. Validity extension on ADSL/FTTH/WiMax

As always, NTC will also increase the validity period of all ADSL users and some FTTH/WiMax users. Only the volume based FTTH/WiMax users whose validity has expired will get to exercise this offer.

Validity Expires DuringValidity Extend Upto
Dashain Offer2074/06/11 – 2074/06/182074/06/19
Tihar and Chatth offer2074/07/02 – 2074/07/082074/07/09

5. 50% discount on SMS

This offer from NTC is an “on-net” service. Starting from 21st September to 5th October and 18th October to 1st November, NT users will be able to send SMS for Rs. 0.50 (excluding tax).

Ncell Dashain and Tihar Offer 2017

NTC Ncell Dashain Tihar Offer 2017 Ncell dashain offer

Ncell, on the other hand, has started its “Festive Magic Quiz” scheme as its Dashain and Tihar offer. As per the offer, users will have to dial *17135# and choose Magic Quiz option (number 5) from the menu. You will then be asked a simple quiz regarding Dashain and Tihar.

10 lucky winners will win Rs. 100 worth of recharge card every day. The winners for the recharge card will be announced on Monday.

Likewise, two monthly winners will get a chance of winning a brand new iPhone 7 Plus at the end of each month.

Ncell’s Festive Magic Quiz scheme started from 22nd September and will run until 21st October.