NTC To Become A Major Player In Digital Payment

NTC Nepal Telecom Digital Payment System
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Nepal Telecom (NTC) is currently Nepal government’s most profitable company. Now, the company is looking forward to increasing its market by stepping into the sector of Digital Payment. Digital payment allows you to make online and offline payments to various merchants and transfer funds to various banks and much more.

Current Digital Payment Scenario

There are companies like eSewa, IMEI Digital, and Prabhu Technology that have got a license from Nepal Rastra Bank to run such activities. NTC is soon going to join this list as it prepares itself for a new path. As of now, Nepal Telecom has the highest customer which is about 16 million. Among this, 14 million are GSM users while there are 2 million CDMA users. Therefore NTC has more chance of successfully growing in this sector due to its large customer network.

Partnership with NTC

Nepal Telecom NTC Digital Payment

As the buzz about NTC entering the digital payment increased many companies have extended their support. Companies like IMEI pay, Prabhu Technology, and CG PAY have already proposed joint venture alliance with NTC. NTC is yet to release a statement on the collaboration.