Nvidia unveiled the world’s most powerful desktop GPU

    nvidia titan rtx gpu
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    I have always had a problem with Nvidia’s naming choices for their Titan series. They are the best consumer-oriented graphics card money can buy, so you would think they will name them better. Either way, the Nvidia Titan RTX is a magnificent GPU, until you see the $2500 price tag.

    Starting off with the specs, it boasts more CUDA cores than the 2080Ti, while still standing below the Titan V. Its got more Tensor Cores, higher Boost clock, better memory bandwidth, and a higher TDP, not to mention the 24GB VRAM onboard. You can check the complete specs below:

    NVIDIA Compute Accelerator Specification Comparison

    Titan RTX Titan V RTX 2080 Ti
    Founders Edition
    Tesla V100
    CUDA Cores 4608 5120 4352 5120
    Tensor Cores 576 640 544 640
    Core Clock 1350MHz 1200MHz 1350MHz ?
    Boost Clock 1770MHz 1455MHz 1635MHz 1370MHz
    Memory Clock 14Gbps GDDR6 1.7Gbps HBM2 14Gbps GDDR6 1.75Gbps HBM2
    Memory Bus Width 384-bit 3072-bit 352-bit 4096-bit
    Memory Bandwidth 672GB/sec 653GB/sec 616GB/sec 900GB/sec
    VRAM 24GB 12GB 11GB 16GB
    L2 Cache 6MB 4.5MB 5.5MB 6MB
    Single Precision 16.3 TFLOPS 13.8 TFLOPS 14.2 TFLOPS 14 TFLOPS
    Double Precision 0.51 TFLOPS 6.9 TFLOPS 0.44 TFLOPS 7 TFLOPS
    Tensor Performance
    (FP16 w/FP32 Acc)
    GPU TU102
    Transistor Count 18.6B 21.1B 18.6B 21.1B
    TDP 280W 250W 260W 250W
    Form Factor PCIe PCIe PCIe PCIe
    Cooling Active Active Active Passive
    Manufacturing Process TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN TSMC 12nm FFN
    Architecture Turing Volta Turing Volta
    Launch Date 12/2018 12/07/2017 09/20/2018 Q3’17
    Price $2499 $2999 $1199 ~$10000

    Source: Anandtech

    The Titan RTX sits right above the RTX 2080Ti as a more workstation oriented card, while at the same time being flaunting it’s ray-tracing performance thanks to it’s Turing architecture. As for improvements in raw power, it pushes out 15% better performance in shading texture, computing while pushing out 9% more memory bandwidth and pixel throughput.nvidia titan rtx

    Even when compared to the Titan V, an even more expensive card, you are looking at double the amount of VRAM, about 20% improvement in tensor performance, and a well-known advantage over it’s Volta architecture.

    Looking at who the card is for, Nvidia can hope for data scientists, a few content creators, and some really rich gamers. While the port arrangement remains unchanged, we do get a new golden color scheme.