Oppo Air Glass “assisted reality” device unveiled with a Saiyan Scouter-like design

Oppo Air Glass announced monocole
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Oppo took to the stage at the opening day of the ongoing “Inno Day” event to announce its latest smart glasses. The new Air Glass is the company’s first “assisted reality” glasses. In this article, we will be discussing the Oppo Air Glass in more detail, including its specs, key features, and availability.

Oppo Air Glass Overview:

Oppo Air Glass is marketed as an assisted Reality (aR) glass whose working mechanism is different than that of Augmented Reality (AR). It is a single lens spectacle that projects 2D information to the wearer’s field of view, contrary to AR’s 3D projection onto the real world.

Everything from the chip to the projector is housed inside a CNC-processed metallic frame that weighs just 30 grams.

Oppo Air Glass Design

Spark Micro Projector

The Oppo Spark Micro Projector is also made using the CNC process. It has a 5-lens projection system and covers just 0.5cc volume. On top of being the size of a coffee bean, Oppo says it is both stable and thermally efficient.

For projection, Oppo is using Micro LEDs with a pixel size of 4μm. It uses Bespoke diffractive optical wavelength for improved brightness. More specifically, this can hit a whopping 3 million nits of peak brightness, but Oppo says that number will be in the ballpark of 1400 nits in most cases.

Likewise, this monochrome display has 16 or 256 levels of grayscale depending upon the operating mode. It also has two layers of sapphire glass for added durability.

Internal specs

Powering the Air Glass is the Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip. It comes packed with all the features you would expect on a smart glass, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touch bar, microphone, speaker, hands-free control (voice and head/head gesture), and more.

Oppo Air Glass Half Frame Design


Furthermore, it can also connect to the latest Oppo phones (running ColorOS 11 and above) and Oppo smartwatches. You can control the display settings of the glass through the Control app. Here, you can also open and close apps, whose content will appear on the screen.

With Oppo’s Air Glass, you can access notifications and apps like weather and calendar. It can even work as a teleprompter, navigator, and translator. It currently supports Chinese-English translations, but Oppo is also working on Chinese-Japanese and Chinese-Korean translations.

Oppo Air Glass Weather App

Oppo Air Glass Launch Date (Official)

Oppo Air Glass is available in full and half-frames with two sizes for each design. It will launch in Mainland China in the first quarter of 2021. The details about its pricing and global availability aren’t available yet.

Smart Glasses Launch Date (Official) Price
Oppo Air Glass Q1 2021 TBA
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