Breeno: OPPO’s new virtual assistant – But Why?

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OPPO just announced its newest virtual assistant in China, named Breeno. The 2018 Developer Conference saw it release this “system-wide capable” assistant, a hint on its deep integration with the host smartphone. The company claims it as “an intelligent assistant for the 5G era”, but it still remains unclear how they will integrate it with 5G.

“The cognitive technologies represented by natural language understanding, knowledge graph, context computing, and personalized recommendation enable Breeno to more comprehensively understand the world,”

OPPO adds the assistant will integrate “sensing technology with natural multimodal interaction” allowing it to understand user’s demands. The assistant will also be available for developers and it’s partners, to better make it compatible with more devices. This will allow the assistant to learn new skills and improve itself.

The company also adds that its iteration of a virtual assistant is capable of understanding natural language, situational calculations, and customized suggestions. All of which basically allows it to understand the world in a more comprehensive manner.


Breeno is currently only available in China, rivaling the likes of Alibaba, Xiaomi and Baidu’s virtual assistants. The assistant will also need to compete with international rivals like Google’s Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana among others. While we are yet unsure of Breeno’s availability outside China, or if it will remain exclusive to OPPO devices.

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We have seen multiple assistants fail thanks to them being brand-exclusive. Amazon’s Alexa has been trying it’s best to gain a sustainable presence, opening itself to more and more devices. Same cannot be said about Samsung’s Bixby, failing to gain any sizable momentum. Even Oppo’s own sister company Vivo and it’s Jovi assistant hasn’t really seen much success.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that we really don’t need another virtual assistant right now, do we? I for one, do not use the available assistants on my phone, including the very capable Google Assistant.