Deal Alert: Samsung’s Valentine discount offers makes its smartphone worth it

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Honor X9b Ad

Bros and broettes, valentines day is upon us. But worry not, Samsung is giving out cash backs on a total of ten smartphones. The discount amount ranges from as low as Rs 1,000 up to an impressive Rs 15,400. These once overpriced smartphones are now finally worth their asking price, or at least most of them. Seems like a perfect time to grab one up for your significant spouse, or even yourself, we don’t judge.

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While price drops, or what Samsung calls “cash back”, are mostly good news, we are also nearing the launch of their much awaited Galaxy M series. Nevertheless, these smartphones (after the discounts) pack good hardware for the money, almost excellent build quality and definitely some of the best displays on the market. The most noticeable one being the Galaxy A6, originally launched for Rs 39,890, now available for Rs 24,490.

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Samsung’s Valentine Cash Back Offer

Model Name Original Price Discounted price
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128GB) Rs 104,900 Rs 92,900
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (64GB) Rs 99,900 Rs 87,900
Samsung Galaxy A9 Rs 60,390 Rs 53,990
Samsung Galaxy A7 Rs 40,990 Rs 33,990
Samsung Galaxy A6+ Rs 44,390 Rs 30,490
Samsung Galaxy A6 Rs 39,890 Rs 24,490
Samsung Galaxy J8 Rs 29,990 Rs 27,390
Samsung Galaxy J6+ Rs 25,290 Rs 23,290
Samsung Galaxy J4+ Rs 18,890 Rs 15,990
Samsung Galaxy J4 Rs 15,490 Rs 14,490
Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 Rs 14,290 Rs 13,190
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Rs 11,890 Rs 10,490

It was about time we started seeing price drops for the Galaxy S9 series, the Galaxy S10 is literally right around the corner. Smartphones like the A9, A7, A6 or just the A-series, in general, were deemed overpriced, by none other than us. But with these new prices, the Galaxy A7, A6+, and the A6 definitely seem worth it. To be fair, they were never bad phones, Samsung was just asking for a little more than what they were actually worth.

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Rest of the smartphones, all of which are from the J series didn’t receive much of a price drop, either way, we will take whatever we can get.