OPPO announces next-generation hybrid optical zoom technology

Oppo Hybrid Zoom Periscope Camera Tech Announced
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In an official press releasee, Oppo has announced the launch of the next-generation of hybrid optical zoom technology. The company claims that it will offer a non-destructive full-focus image experience to the users. As of now, Oppo has not announced it any specific product or anything but the tech will eventually debut in one of Oppo’s upcoming smartphones.

Oppo Hybrid Optical Zoom Technology

The new technology utilizes a step-by-step periscope zoom infrastructure. It is combined with larger sensors and advanced image algorithms. Together, they will contribute to better mid-long focal segment performance. The new technology performs well on the stack and improves spacing for upcoming technologies. Oppo is also ensuring technical reliability and image resolution.

Oppo next gen hyrbid zoom sample

Underlying Details

Oppo is using two groups of lenses for better resolution and performance. The first group consists of three periscope lenses. The other has a seven-piece lens. The lenses rely on the movement of the two groups of lenses to fix the focus. Its focal length can be adjusted between 85mm and 135mm. The aperture corresponds to f/3.3 and f/4.4, respectively.

The new sensor makes use of multiple technologies, including fusion multi-focus image technology, the multi-camera field of view angle alignment, and super scoring algorithms. Here, the larger sensor can cover 85mm to 280mm of focal length. Similarly, the image engineering team at Oppo has developed custom ICs to support the tech. The 16-bit high precision drives ICs to adjust the movement of the two groups of the lens.

Oppo next gen hybrid zoom tech 85mm comparison
85mm equivalent length comparison (New tech on the left)


The new tech can capture 32MP pictures with up to 16:11 wide ratio. It also supports four-in-one pixel technology. It focuses on improving image quality and shooting experience of 85mm and 135mm focal lengths. Oppo is confident that the two focal lengths meet the quality requirement of everyday photography and videos.

Oppo next gen hybrid zoom tech 135mm comparison
135mm equivalent length comparison (New tech on the left)

The improved 85mm segment offers good control over noise, sharp edges of the subject, and can retain accurate color even in poorly lit conditions. Similarly, the 135mm segment adds exquisite details, rich picture space, and layered sense for a better-composed picture.

Oppo Hybrid Zoom Tech Debut

Oppo has not given any information about the devices that’ll use the new hybrid zoom technology. However, a report from GSMArena suggests that the company can use it in the upcoming successor to the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.

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