Oppo showcases a unique tri-fold “slide-phone” concept together with nendo

Oppo showcases slide phone concept nendo tri fold
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After the Oppo X 2021, the Chinese smartphone maker has showcased another concept phone. This time around it’s a tri-folding phone that the company calls “slide-phone”. Along with the Oppo slide phone, it also unveiled “music-link” which is a bunch of devices centered at a TWS earphone.

Oppo x nendo Design Concepts

The two concept devices were showcased at the 4th China International Design Expo (CIIDE). These two new concepts of smart devices were created in partnership with nendo which is an industrial designing studio based in China.

Oppo Slide Phone

The whole point of the “slide-phone” is to offer a feature-rich smartphone experience with a phone that is more comfortable to hold and use. In an attempt to pack more features smartphone these days are getting bigger than ever. Oppo notes that this has become a growing concern for users.

The slide phone has three foldable screens that fold over in the same direction. There is a separate hinge for each screen. When it’s completely folded, the Oppo slide phone becomes the size of a credit card. Thanks to the three hinges, users will have the flexibility of changing the form factor as per their convenience. Similarly, the phone can also accommodate a stylus pen which will boost the productivity of the phone.

Oppo Music Link

Music Link includes a smartwatch, AI speaker, portable charger, and a wireless charger that have been designed to work around a TWS. For instance, when the TWS together with its charging case placed on the AI speaker, the music will transit from TWS to the speaker. Similarly, all the devices under the music link will have a symbiotic relationship with each other. Similarly, they are also designed with portability and convenience in mind.

Oppo Slide Phone, Music Link Availability

As of now, the Oppo Slide Phone and Music Link are both nothing but a design concept. There is not even a working prototype as of yet. Thus, even if Oppo plans to turn them into real products, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

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