Razer’s RGB-infused Project Hazel N95 mask will launch later this year

Razer Project Hazel Mask launch drops N95 respirator
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Razer first unveiled Project Hazel, an N95 respirator, back in CES 2021. The product was introduced as a concept, but in its E3 keynote, Razer confirmed that the Project Hazel mask will launch before the end of 2021.

Razer Project Hazel Mask Overview:

What is it?

Razer announced this project in response to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Project Hazel is an N95 grade smart mask that protects you against the high efficiency of bacterial filtration (BFE). It features a strong fluid resistance, which keeps you safe from drips and splashes. 

Razer Project Hazel Mask

Likewise, the mask has RGB lighting (of course) and an active ventilation system that can remove at least 95% of airborne particulates. Furthermore, it contains replaceable ventilation filters that minimize the CO2 build-up in the mask, which can induce headaches and dizziness.

Interestingly, it is equipped with Razer Voiceamp technology, where the mask has a built-in mic and amplifier combination to ensure your speech isn’t muffled even when you’re masked.

Launch and Availability

As previously stated, the project was only a concept until Razer decided in March 2021 to turn it into a real product. In the company’s E3 2021 presentation, Razer CEO stated that the Project Hazel mask will be available for purchase beginning early in the fourth quarter of this year.

In any case, if you want to see how the mask looks on your face, you can use the company’s Instagram filter.

In terms of availability, Razer will offer the mask in “drops” only through its official website. These drops will have a limited quantity of masks. Until now, Razer has not revealed any detail regarding the price or launch of the Project Hazel mask. But, if you don’t want to miss forthcoming drops, you may sign up for alerts on Razer’s website.

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